Zoomin’ Zinzinnati Wiener Dogs! (Updated!)

They take Oktoberfest VERY seriously in Cincinnati Zinzinnati. Witness the 7th annual Running Of The Wiener Dogs on Fountain Square. Mitzi was the winner of Friday’s event. (UPDATED: Now with video, thanx Gryt.)






Photos by Leigh Taylor for Cincinnati.com. Thanks to Claire S.


  1. Yay! Everybody is so happy! What fun! I wanna be there! :-)

  2. Yah-yah…das ist gut weiner hund! Where’s the ‘kraut and mustard?

  3. Omigosh- in pic no. 2, both goggies have all 4 feet off the ground. Hoverdogs!

  4. Spelling nitpick: it really should be “Wiener” dog, not “Weiner” dog. Hot dogs are Wieners, not Weiners, from the German Wienerwurst, or sausage from Vienna (Wien). “Weiner” just means someone who whines. :D

  5. My doxie whines a LOT!!! but thanks for the clarification!

  6. ACK. Spelled it like the Enquirer did. Shoulda known. Fixed!

  7. This is one of the very few things I still like about Ohio.

  8. What about Bootsie Collins?

  9. Fair point.

  10. And the beer/wine garden with every church festival. Fortunately almost every weekend some church is having some sort of festival.

  11. “Cmon, Cleveland is there and everyone wants to move to the ‘Cleve.. :)

  12. So which one was the weener? ;)

  13. I think Anthony came in last.

  14. LOL!

  15. Awesome!

  16. wonderful stills, particularly #2 – please tell me there’s action video online somewhere – that would be hilarious

  17. click that “Running of the Wiener Dogs” link- I woulda embedded it but when I tested it, it acted a little wonky.

  18. LOL well worth watching…

  19. Well, hot dog, we have a wiener.

  20. Video!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7KhV_SfHvk
    Of for crying out loud… Haha.

  21. Okay, my fav part–in each race there are a couple puppehs that had absolutely NO clue about what they were supposed to do! Too cute!

  22. I love the last part, where there was one dog that got almost to the end, then turned around to start back to the start!

  23. Yay! As soon as I saw it, I just knew it had to be shared! Cincinnati knows how to throw a good festival. =)


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