Milo, Wake Up, It’s Saturday Morning!

Imaginary Milo Thought Balloon: [I don’t wanna. Please keep scritching Milo’s belleh until Milo instructs U otherwise.]
(Milo thinks in third person. Oh, and look at the teeny eyes closing at 1:01!)

If you’re a Milo Head, you’ll love going here.



  1. Austin Starr says:

    oh how adorable. thanks for posting. I half way expected Milo to purrrrrrr he is so relaxed and languid.

  2. From the mind of Oakley:
    Thougt One: Adorable, but could use a little privacy tail action
    Thought Two: I could make an awesome pun on “Venus de Milo” by swapping out the
    first word with one that ryhmes with “Venus”
    Thought Three: Go wash your mind out with soap, young lady

  3. The squeak!! The squeak at 1:15 keels me ded!!!! DED!!!

  4. You are brilliant. That is all.

  5. Stressfactor says:

    I know!!! I couldn’t believe it! I though “No living creature actually makes that sound” but I rewound the video and he did!

  6. I always knew the squeak at the end was real!

  7. wondering where Milo was born ( ?breeder) he is beautiful and appears to have a great temperament as well as intelligent!