Caturday: Val’s Selfie

There are about ten GAZILLION “Selfie” photos on the Intertubes by now.

Make that ten GAZILLION and one.

“This is Val (Short for Valentine) but my daughter calls her Satan to annoy me. The kitty is a 5 year old Cornish Rex. I suspect this is her profile photo. Likes: demanding attention, complaining, subduing Styrofoam coolers, teasing the dog. Dislikes: being alone. Photo by my spouse David. I’m her mommy.” -Ann-Claire A.



  1. Looks like Nosevember to me!

  2. Eye second that Nosevember.

  3. Such an earnest face!

  4. Surely Val will get lots of responses to her profile! 🙂

  5. Mega-beep!

  6. All I can hear in my head is Daffy Duck yelling for his close up!!!

  7. sabrina rose says:

    Aren’t Cornish Rexes originally a British breed? That’s why Val has that long, elegant nose! She’s quite lovely!

  8. giga-boop!

  9. AWW 😀 Val (Short for Valentine) looks like a real sweetie, Ann-Claire A. 😀 I don’t understand why your daughter would want to call her “Satan” 😦

  10. crashnandicoot says:

    She could star in a cat version of Yentl!