Yeah, Show Biz Has Been Good to Me…

… but I paid my dues for years in some real stinkers. I was an extra in Cat Women on the Moon, for example — still living that one down. But when I won the Felix for Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, I knew I’d earned the respect of my peers.

Shari E. proudly writes: “This is my new rescue kitten, Olivia! I had forgotten how active a kitten is! She is CRAZY. She was born to a feral mother in the Baylands, and left for dead, but rescued and rehydrated and she made it. Now she is steadily tearing my house apart…. but she is SO CUTE doing it.”



  1. 4leafclover says:

    The Maltese Cat.

  2. Those are the Menlo Park, CA (San Francisco Bay) Baylands, right? A bunch of feral black and white cats living by the sewage treatment plant? Nice to see one of them found a successful career as an actress. How about a remake of Kitten with a Whip?
    I saw two plump skunks sharing the cat food out at the Baylands last week. Tres Pepe Le Pew. Here, kitty, kitty, kitty………

  3. She looks like my Dante. Dante was an amazing kitten, he’d play for hours and hours on end. Then just plotz. 😀

  4. Kids and kittens are a lot alike. My nephew was the same when he was younger. Hea pperpetual motion machine all day until you made him sit still then he’d be out like a light in less than 5 min.

  5. Two speeds: ON! and OFF! 😀

  6. I remember when Mia and Bindi were kitten together, their play time was like a mini cyclone going thru my house destroying plants, drapes and anything they could put their little paws on. The two of them rolling around play fighting and running full speed after each other. They are now dignified 6 years old grown-up ladies.
    But once in a while ….

  7. Clairdelune says:

    Beautiful kitty, well deserving a Felix just for bring gorgeous! 😀

  8. OMG, tuxie!! Looks like my dear sweet baby (RIP). ❤

  9. Reminds me so much of my Peaseblossom. Born to be queen, but circumstances left her as Prime Minister, a role she took very seriously. A twice-rescued cat, she lived with the burden of leadership for a good 23 years, and passed nobly.

  10. What a gorgeous little girl! So glad that Olivia survived such a tough start and now has her furever home.

  11. Is that the same cat statue from the old movie of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?

  12. Gave me quite a turn when I saw this photo, as I have Olivia’s identical twin sleeping on my sofa right now! Separated by time and geography, but impossible to tell apart.

  13. 😆 It is CRAZY CAT TIME, huh. Gigi 😆

  14. AWW 😀 Your dear sweet kitty, Olivia, looks so pretty, Shari E. 😀

  15. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Peaseblossom, Ernest Valdemar (@ErnestValdemar) 😥

  16. Yes! You have the exact place! Olivia is sleeping beside me as I write this and likes her new home SO MUCH better than the Baylands!

  17. You are so right, Theresa! Olivia runs like a maniac and then falls over like she was shot.

  18. I am rather looking forward to the time Olivia will slow down. My other rescue is a 6 year old 27# Maine Coon, and she is so tolerant of Olivia. When Olivia gets too nuts, Lily will hold her down and wash her face – which usually leads to a nap. I am so grateful!

  19. Looks the same, doesn’t it! This cat statue was my grandmother’s, and I have no idea of the origin of it. Olivia likes to pose near it, of course.

  20. Isn’t it odd when you see the exact duplicate of your cat or dog? It would be fun to get them together and see if they notice! Your version of this cat must be spectacular, because I think Olivia is!