Squeaky Brakes?

Let’s just have a quick look, no need to have some expensive mechanic work on ’em…ah! There we go!

From Cuteporter Spacecase.



  1. Kudos to the good folks for liberating that skwerl! That situation reminds me of a kid sticking his/her head through slats and then not being able to get it back out. Whoops!

  2. Smartypants says:

    Awww – good save, hoomins!

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    I once saw a squirrel darting into the wheel wells of a truck parked in my apartment complex. Lucky he didn’t get stuck. I have no idea why they do that.

  4. Smartypants says:

    Maybe it’s warm, or larger animals can’t pursue ’em in there?

  5. in Canada, cats crawl into the car from underneath to get next to a warm motor. it’s so scary- they can be really badly hurt if someone turns the motor on. so glad this guy helped little one out – although i didn’t know squirrels did this kind of thing. another reason i am not brave enough to drive – i’d be too scared to ever start the car!!