Friday Haiku: Tiny Shells

Shells head for the sea
They know where they’re going to
With their GPS.

“This is a photo essay video done by my friend of some baby turtles making their way to the sea, here in Jamaica. He took these while on assignment for one of our local papers, which did a feature on the turtle hatchlings!” -Teri C.



  1. Beautiful B&W photography!

  2. Tracks across the sand.
    A long and dangerous way
    For the tiny ones.

  3. The long and winding road
    That leads to the sea
    Will never disappear

  4. I second that. So lovely! I loff the image at 1:10.

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Down in Jamaica they got lots of bebeh turtles…

  6. prinsasshelly says:

    lovely, bookmonstercats! I was going to say, who’d a thunk how wonderful turtle tracks could be!

  7. Off the haiku track, I remember seeing a documentary about sea turtles and the interesting fact that between hatching and adulthood, they disappear! No one knows where they go to mature! Just another oceanic mystery…unless they have finally discovered their secret spot! 🙂