Alpacas Rock! Alpacas Roll!

And, they shake their pom-poms! Expectant Alpaca Mama Lily (due in November) and daughter Rose do a little celebrating upon arrival two weeks ago at Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square. They are even having a Royal Alpaca Party on September 28! How posh!

“Hello CO! Just wanted to share with you our newest zoo residents- alpaca mom Lily (sporting the white fleece) and her one year old cria, Rose (adorned in scarlet). Donated to us by a private owner, these two are pure pedigrees with fancy lineages (pinky up!)… but within the first day in their new enclosure, they were ready to get down and dirty. Watch their little pom-pom tails and fluffy ‘tocks just wiggle with excitement! This was their first day in their exhibit after a looooong trailer ride. We all love your site! Cordially, Lizzy S.”



  1. Goodness me, Mama Lily, should you be doing that at this stage?

    And what do you bring to an alpaca baby shower anyhow?

  2. I know, it almost looks like she’s trying to induce labor. 🙂

  3. Color me surprised when I discover these beauties are in my own state!

  4. Dirt-y Dancing
    “No one puts Lily in a corner.”

  5. A camera!

  6. I had no idea alpacas were so…. wiggly!

  7. I love the little kick at 0:27!


  9. Rolling in the dirt and wagging tails…I call dogs in alpaca suits!

  10. I loves their floofy tails!

  11. caren with a k says:

    My son and I were recently in Patagonia in Chile and while entering a national park a group of guanaco (also similar) started rolling in the dirt! What a sight — they rolled and rolled and then went on their way.

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    I would say they REALLY like their new digs!

  13. Rockin’ n’ rollin’ lollipop heads..hehe.