That’s a Wrap!

Only a few days left of summer. Put away the patio furniture, it’s time to haul out those cozy sweateuws that make you look like a pumpkin.

“Please post our dog Vincent on your website.” Alrighty then, Leah M.



  1. It’s the rare adaptation of quick sand…quick quilt! Swim, puppeh, swim!

  2. Looks like puppy is being pulled into a quicksand pit made of yarn (quickyarn?)

  3. Please post the pattern for that darling afghan. Is it an intarsia stitch? It looks so lifelike!

  4. My toes stay out til.the last possible moment!

  5. Get me out of Afghanistan!

  6. *throws rotten vegetables*

  7. *applauds* That actually took me about 20 seconds to get! MUST need more coffee…