OMG Double Double

That is the SAME look I have when I go into In N Out.


And….here’s how to make your own origami Corgi!

First image from Ruby The Corgi Tumblr.



  1. Boopable nose alert!

  2. That origami is fabulous! Is there a book or a website with instructions for various breeds?

    Yesterday I was stopped at a traffic light behind an SUV that had, on its back window, two stickers depicting Corgi ‘tocks. Too cute! I tried to photograph it (it’s a loonnnnnggg light) but I was two cars back and a lane over. The pic didn’t work so well.

  3. Mighta been this (top item)…

  4. I miss In&Out .. so does my beagle

  5. Someone, please give Ruby that burger!

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    Wait a minute…there were no instructions for how to make that origami corgi! > 😦

  7. Click the link in the story dear ..
    ( And….here’s how to make your own origami Corgi! )