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When I grow up I be hankerin’ to be a pirate. From this day forward, I shall cry mewtiny ‘n refuse take a bath!

Aye, aye, Books of Adam. T’day, September 19, be Talk Like a Pirate Day!



  1. “Have I ever met Jack Sparrow, you ask? Sure. Where do you think this feather came from.”
    (licks lips)

  2. fleurdamour says:

    Jean ClawFeete, famous pirate of New Orleans

  3. fleurdamour says:

    PS Don’t you mean Talk Like Pyrit Day? Yar!

  4. Dangit, I always forget! I have dreams of lecturing in pirate-speak.

  5. Ahoy, matey! Aargh, I be wantin’ to thieve yer cute little nosiekins, and skridgle your wee little earses, and put a little gold hoop on one of them!

  6. Heh heh! Love it, Oakley.

    I wish I could get our cats to wear tiny pirate hats… Or tiny hats of any kind, really.

  7. “Tonight we be barrrrrfin!”

  8. I thought it was bark like a pirate day.

  9. So how does that go? “Arrrrrr…fff?”

  10. My niece, Cindy, has put hats on her cats and sent me pictures of them, Berg 😀 Talk about tolerate kitties 😀