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When I grow up I be hankerin’ to be a pirate. From this day forward, I shall cry mewtiny ‘n refuse take a bath!

Aye, aye, Books of Adam. T’day, September 19, be Talk Like a Pirate Day!


  1. “Have I ever met Jack Sparrow, you ask? Sure. Where do you think this feather came from.”
    (licks lips)

  2. Heh heh! Love it, Oakley.

    I wish I could get our cats to wear tiny pirate hats… Or tiny hats of any kind, really.

  3. My niece, Cindy, has put hats on her cats and sent me pictures of them, Berg :D Talk about tolerate kitties :D

  4. fleurdamour says:

    Jean ClawFeete, famous pirate of New Orleans

  5. fleurdamour says:

    PS Don’t you mean Talk Like Pyrit Day? Yar!

  6. Dangit, I always forget! I have dreams of lecturing in pirate-speak.

  7. Ahoy, matey! Aargh, I be wantin’ to thieve yer cute little nosiekins, and skridgle your wee little earses, and put a little gold hoop on one of them!

  8. “Tonight we be barrrrrfin!”

  9. I thought it was bark like a pirate day.

  10. So how does that go? “Arrrrrr…fff?”


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