THIS JUST IN: The Best Day Of His Life

People, say hello to Meaty. Watch this chunky slobberknocker roll through the best day of his life. We should ALL be so lucky. (PS- Watch this all..the..way..thru!)

“This is just the thing for a gray day like today in NC.” -Elisa B., who spotted it on MSN Now. (PPS- Learn more about these terrific animuhls at Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.)



  1. Shoot, I reached for a Kleenex and the box was emtpy – oh well it was sooooo worth it. I’m slobbering more that the sweet nugget in the video….


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when CO features rescutes over breeders. Best day indeed! 😀

  4. Me too.

  5. But, I said rescutes. How did I land in jail?

  6. Also: Bonus Bulldog-in-a-Tutu. 😀

  7. It’s not jail. It’s the Mod Lounge. Plenty of snacks over on the buffet. Crab cakes?

  8. LOL @ “chunky slobberknocker”.

  9. GAAHHHH I want to adopt another puppehhhh!

    Miss Schnozz needs a snouty sibling to balance out the noses in the house, yeah?

  10. I’ve got some fresh-cut pineapple and some kona coffee ready

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    Totally adorable and also love whoever dreamed up the video with all the writing and stuff all over. Genius!

  12. Good idea. Miss Schnozz could counter surf and use her needle nose to push things down for her stubbular pal!

  13. that was sweet! Meaty is sooo adorable, glad he found a happy home. Rescue pets rule.

    But I admit I thought I might have an epileptic seizure the first couple minutes, it was filmed w/a fairly shaky hand & cut in & out so fast I felt dizzy.

  14. Nice supporting performance from his tongue! What a dose of cute for the day.

  15. Point of clarification, please: Is “slobberknocker” the same thing as “flabberjabber”? Just checking.

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    We brought home our shelter puppy 2 1/2 weeks ago!! He’s a little brown mutt and he was so timid and scared! Now he’s a bouncy, trouncy ball o’fun! And yes, I don’t know who actually rescued whom!!

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll take some of that fresh-cut pineapple please! And where’s the cream and sugar?

  18. ShazzaNorth says:

    From adoption day on, for the rest of this slobberknocker’s life, every day will be the best day of his life!

  19. I’m wiping away a tear here. YAY for the lucky dog.

  20. Someone is cutting onions here in my office. That must be it.

  21. Feels like jail. 😦 And you are very generous, but I am vegan.

  22. Doggone it CuteOverload. Now i am blubbering at my volunteer job at the hospital gift shop. Best day for certain. LOL!

  23. Hey- I’m free! I will make edamame/avocado dip and chips to share with everyone. 😀

  24. Just so you know it was the bree$3rs word that threw you in the lounge. hands you a vegan gluten free piece of delicious plum bread and some fresh fruit organic apple juice from my garden.

  25. Little brown mutt is practically my favorite breed of dog! 🙂 Seriously, there is nothing quite like a resqte. And I know that each of my resqtes has rescued ME!

    Dogs have a unique ability to make every single day the best day of their lives. I envy them their unlimited capacity for joy and love and for living totally in the moment.

  26. phred's mom says:


  27. we can all learn a little from our doggehs….make this the best day of your life! I love my two pups and what they bring to my life!

  28. Loud cheering for Martha for that resqte.

  29. Never expected that ending and the invisible onion cutter is here as well.

  30. Oh I love this video SO much!

  31. Me too, and I’m a cat person.

  32. Crying. Like. A. Bebe.

  33. YAAAY Martha!
    I think you and your doggeh rescued each other…that’s how I feel about my kittehs.

  34. Thanks for the picker-upper! What a great way to start the day. I thought it is a pretty good video, until it rewinds back in time to 11:00AM to show the adoption contract (at the 2:50 mark), then it became an OMG-GREAT video.

  35. this is SO WONDERFUL! i mean, the genuises behind this should be so proud. amazing.

  36. Absolute perfection! Smiling through the tears!!

  37. That was AMAZING!!! As an owner of a rescued standard poodle I AGREE!!! When they meet their forever parents…it’s the best day of their and YOUR life!!! ADOPT!

  38. Darned onions! Sniff…

  39. Thanks Brinke for posting this…..this video just made my day and I had to share it with my CO peeps!!!
    I made it on CO, woohoo….now if I could get my cats to sit still long enough to take pics and submit to CO. 🙂

  40. princess guinea and ariel says:

    he is so chubular!

  41. Cute-tastic. :’-)

  42. Then you would have a kind of canine Laurel and Hardy.

  43. Oh Dear. My heart just asploded with joy and is leaking out my eyes!

  44. prinsasshelly says:

    I don’t know how ANY ONE could watch this and not be happy. I now I yearn for the bully (but don’t tell my puggies, they green-eyed monsters they are)!

  45. What a cute chunky slobberknocker!! Don’t shop, ADOPT! 🙂