Flipping the Bird

Not sure if this is cute or crayzay or if they’re pining for the fjords.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks



  1. “Beautiful plumage!”

  2. I know bird lay eggs, but I can’t help thinking,”Push! Push!” Ah! Mrs. Cockatoo, you have a brand new baby, er, Bloo-per!”

  3. Mod Lounge. Baileys, Cheetos, mani-pedi.

  4. birdS lay eggs. Mod Lounge is also Spelling Limbo.

  5. Mind. Blown. Big time.

  6. NICE Python reference there!

  7. Wow!

  8. How many bushes are TWO birds in the hand worth?

  9. purplepatch says:

    A nice sideline that little blue fellow has going, renting himself out as a privacy parrot. What an entrepreneur!

  10. Once A Fish says:

    “If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the perch he’d be pushin’ up the daisies!”

  11. Cambridge Rat Mom says:
  12. So after privacy tailio and privacy paws, the new thing now is a privacy birdy?

  13. That’s not flipping the bird … That’s Dual Planking

  14. e’s berift of life. e’ singing in the choir invisible. It rests in peace. e’ is an ex-parrot.

  15. Is that a Norwegian Blue?

  16. Does that mean that the birds are very trusting of the hoomin holding them, like when cats will expose their bellehs to trusted hoomins?

  17. Smartypants says:

    LOL, I read in the paper the other day that Australian slang for a Speedo swimsuit is a “budgie smuggler”!

  18. Well, it seems to prefer kippin’ on its back!

  19. The Original Jane says:

    Yes! They’ve become accustomed to trusting their owner to hold them on their backs. This two bird cooperation takes it to a whole ‘nother level. First thing I thought was that is that they have a very trusting relationship with a knowledgeable, good birdie owner.

  20. Not to be a stiff parrot, but technically shouldn’t it be ‘e, not e’, since the H is what’s missing?

  21. To make these true nesting birds, you need an even tinier birdie on the blue ones’ tail feathers.

  22. Aussie Bird Lover says:

    No fjords in Australia, where that sulphur crested cockatoo hails from.

  23. No no no no, I think they’re just restin’!