Classic Meg Rewind: September 21, 2006

Mmmmm, snoutlicioussss

This is complete and total snout overload. How much is that pig LOL-ing? I bet that pig snorts when he laughs, too.

Holy bacon bits, Jennifer H.!



  1. I bet that little sweetheart told his mommy that the pig didn’t taste like bacon – snorts. That’s what my mommy tells my daddy when she kisses my little porker head – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  2. El Stud Hombre says:

    I remember seeing this picture floating around right after the swine flu scare a few years back. It had really funny text super-imposed on it, I believe saying “You little [expletive], you’ll kill us all!”

    I realize not a very CO-ish comment, but it made me laugh.

  3. I remember this photo from CO back in the day and some of the EWWW comments……It still weirds me out 🙂

  4. LOL .. I had to do a double take .. I almost thought that was my niece .. LOL

  5. januaryfarmer says:

    Classic indeed. Just a little something for all you parents out there!

  6. You all may think this picture is cute, but it’s snot.

  7. I don’t know about the pig, but I definitely LOL’d!


  9. Nothing like getting up close and personal with tomorrows scallops wrapped in bacon.

  10. Oh, man! I remember the commentroversy, too. The nuffs couldn’t decide what bothered them more — the hygiene issues or the fact that there was a human *child* (gasp!) in the photo! :mrgreen:

  11. januaryfarmer says:

    One more thought….it’s been seven years now. Did this child survive? Where is she now?

  12. i was thinking the same thing… and would she be up for a reenactment?

  13. I think the pig is smiling a little too much for it’s own good

    Enjoying it too much is he ?

  14. lol!

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    A true classic and one of my most favorite posts ever!!!

  16. Of all the icky stuff babies put in their mouths, I imagine this is the least of it. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily want my kid licking animals’ noses but then again, I wouldn’t freak out. 🙂

  17. One time my nephew picked up some candy off the floor. I saw it headed to his mouth and tried to stop him and Mom told me to leave him alone.
    Me: “Mom, that candy was on the floor!”
    Mom: “Oh, leave him alone. He and floor are partners.”
    I imagine she’d say much the same if she saw him snogging a pig.

  18. Couldn’t agree more.

  19. Am I the only one saying Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww……….. here?

  20. Whatever happened to Meg?

  21. CatLover, I was grossed out when I first saw this and I still am!