This Toesday Brought to You by the Number 5

Cat Von Cat sez, “That is FIVE. Five pointy bits. Excellent! Ah Ah Aaah.”  (Lightning flash, thunder crashes)

Josh Norem, The Furrtographer


  1. I was just going to say, How’d they get such an awesome pic, when I saw Josh Norem. Well, duh…

    Love me some black kittehs! Sitting in a vet’s waiting room right now with one of my four, for her annual check-up.

  2. My thoughts exactly, ceejoe. Great dramatic shot, Josh!

  3. Smartypants says:

    Josh for the win – awesome pic!

  4. He was saying, “This photo shoot is over in 5 minutes or there’s going to be trouble, bucko.”

  5. I woke up to a close-up view of a tortoiseshell “jazz paw” this morning. Is the Feline Apocalypse coming???

    Just hope I get credit for all my previous service to our Overlords….

  6. To your 1st question: Yes.
    To your 2nd statement: unlikely.
    And this black magnificence has been sent as a warning for us all.
    We’re all doomed and I can’t wait!

  7. You were very luck to have woken up. Very few people survive the 5 Toe Bean Smack of Sleeping Death.

  8. “I’ve got five reasons why you should give me noms NOW”

  9. I always count my kittyboyz’ fingers when I’m snipping nails: 1-2-3-4-GIMME YOUR FUM-5! They always reply, “I got no fums,” and try to end the process. They really do know how to count to 5, and if there are 5 fingers you gots a fum, kittyboy!

  10. i love black cats eve on Friday the 13 Angela

  11. Hilarious! My son was watching Sesame Street today and guess what the number of the day was…oh yeah, the number 5!

  12. Look Ma…No kitty litter between the toes.

  13. “Ze children of ze night, they mek such beautiful museek.”

  14. One pointy bit!Ha-ha-ha!,two pointy bits!Ha-ha-ha!,three pointy bits!Ha-ha-ha!

  15. love it!!

  16. Such a beautiful kitty.

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Carpet panther.

  18. but still a panther, nonetheless

  19. What a beautiful house panther baby! Love black cats. Our family has been owned by 7 black cats over the past 45 years (4 in residence right now).

  20. AWW :D That is a GREAT way to call black cats “house panther”, Holly Wolf :D I always call black cats by another name which is “miniature panthers” :D

  21. Awesome picture! Love the cat he is gorgeous.

  22. He does that just beclaws he can.

  23. Snicker-snort.

  24. Clairdelune says:

    Wicked pointy bits!!! Just waiting to embed them in a hoomin’s scalp if anyone tries to snorgle such royal belleh… Gorgeous tyrant, this one.

  25. Oh, I so want to cuddle and kiss that dear sweet black kitty/miniature panther :D

  26. Also available in the standard non-diamond-tipped versions…


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