The Picture of Dorian Gray’s Somewhat Gullible Cousin, Clucky

“That artist ripped me off! Instead of a portrait that ages in my place, the portrait stays the same, and I’m getting wrinkly!”

From Melbourne, Australia, Joanna W. writes: “Meet Chook Chook, the bossy hen who came to live with us last year (seriously, she just walked in the door one Saturday morning). She is a top chick and is the boss of everyone. It’s a tea-towel that a friend brought back from the US as a gift for Chook Chook – she picked it up at a stall in Delaware and thought the chicken looked familiar (yes, our friends bring back souvenirs for our pets but not us). As soon as we hung it up, Chook Chook made a beeline to it and couldn’t quite figure out who the handsome bird was.”



  1. I love Chook Chook!

  2. Portrait by David Cockney

  3. Eh, I thought there was a Mod-erate chance I’d end up in the Lounge for that one.

  4. Don’t everyone’s friends bring gifts home for the friend’s pets? Maybe I better return that dog bed & get a t-shirt instead…..Chook Chook is much cuter than her doppelganger.