Photo Assignment #5 Rest of the Best

This is our third installment for Photo Assignment #5! This time we have puppy piles, a ferret jumble and a kitteh cuddle! What’s your sleep number?

Three! No, wait. Yeah three!

Two! Three!

Four! Three! …several!

Two, definitely two, …one and a half.



  1. Bottom pic of kittehs: Yes! on the blissful comment. When I see my cats curled up and content like that, I know that, even if I have not become rich or famous in life, and don’t own a fancy car or big home, I have lived a good life, because I have created a good home for a whole bunch of rescued kittehs.

  2. You are a very kind person to kittehs, ceejoe :D Please give your kittehs cuddles and kisses for me :D

  3. Yes! I’ve always said that, if I believed in purgatory, I would believe that you’d get time off for making a cat purr.

  4. That’s why it’s called purrgatory.

  5. Anyone who is kind to kittehs will have a very short time in “purrgatory”, Angel :D

  6. two thumbs up!

  7. those are the important things!

  8. Faith and Xavier make me very happy. :)

  9. Me three! LOVE the smile on Faith’s face.

  10. Me too, mindadale! They look so comfortable.

    The legs in the air and the turned inside out ear of the whippet in the second photo also make me smile.

  11. I count three .. but which one is Lucy ?

  12. Lucy is sandwiched in the middle in the top pic. The other two are her babies, well fully grown now, but we still think of them as babies.

    Can’t believe my submeeshon made it! <3 those whippets. You can never just have one. ^___^

  13. Whippets are the bestest snugglers!

  14. My beagle might disagree but hey.. The licks are the same .. WET !! .. hehe

  15. The difference is that whippets are usually cold. They’re snuggling for survival, if you will. :o)

  16. Ferrets and kittens spooning!! Oh my!!


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