Day One: Break On Through To The Other Side

Watch these Bebeh Turtles launch. First day. (Note: a few mild profanities in the audio track, FYI.)

Submitted by Cuteporter Anna C. Source video posted here. Title inspired by J. Morrison.


  1. Blue Footed Booby says:

    “No hotlinking please”

  2. WHOA!!! That was a whole lotta bebbeh toitles!!!

  3. Growing up, I was told that you aren’t supposed to touch newly hatched baby turtles…like it could interfere with their directional instincts in getting to the ocean.

  4. The only thing missing was narration by David Attenborough. Totally mesmerizing!

  5. That was wonderful !

  6. how do they breathe down there?

  7. Couldn’t view?

  8. That was so neat!! I wonder what they were all doing under there before they decided “Ok everyone, it’s go time!”. Playing cards? Practicing their racing skills? Napping in the longest spoon chain ever?

  9. The last babeh turtle must be thinking “Nah, being the first one out of mom isn’t worth it – I got stuck under the bottom of the whole pile.”

  10. Cute hatchlings, but…. if you are lucky enough to see these little guys emerging PLEASE don’t pick them up like this guy did!! It’s crucial not to interfere. Just stand back at a respectful distance and marvel.

  11. A daytime hatch is so unusual, but I was thinking that they shouldn’t be picked up. And it’s amazing that these little ones instinctually know which way to go – they know which direction to head to find the the ocean!! way cool

  12. I actually yelled at my computer screen, “Put him down! Put him down!” before my thinking brain kicked in and reminded me that I wasn’t going to get through.

  13. I know you’re not meant to touch/help them, so I’m darned happy I wasn’t on that beach ‘cos I would have been pickin’ ’em up and kissing every teeny tiny bebeh turtle noggin as it headed for the ocean.
    I love sea turtles!
    On the rare occasions we see them at our local aquarium (they go there for rehabbing when they wash up on the beaches) I am a squeeing embarrassing mess to my kids.
    I loves them sooooo much!

  14. with some peeps you could be there and it’s still not going to get through

  15. The Original Jane says:

    And I was yelling: “Don’t scoop the sand in the nest! You’re messing up the path and making taller ‘sand dunes’ for the last few dudes to climb over!” Why do you think the last little guy headed the wrong way at first?

  16. How about “A Million Little ‘Ehn’s”?

  17. phred's mom says:

    Flash and my IPad are
    not speaking. Cannot
    view. boo and hoo.

  18. Truly awesome. Too bad the filmers were such dim bulbs. At least they didn’t do anything to hurt them.

  19. I was yelling, “Duuuude, it’s ‘sand'”, not ‘dirt'”!

    Also, it would have taken every fiber of my being to escort them down to the water and save them that long trip down the beach.

  20. The sea is so impatient…it just cannot wait for long to take these cuties onto its bosom.

  21. What’s wrong with touching them? Mama turtle isn’t going to care, she’s long gone. And as was seen, they managed to find their way to the ocean fine. Also, as more than one guy on the video said, if the humans weren’t there the gulls and other predators would scooping the little babies up for a snack. I didn’t see any digging, either. If there was it was probably before they realized there were more babies coming out.

  22. yeah, number 8 seems to be ignored by these folks. Cool video, but this is a beautiful aspect of nature best observed from AFAR.

  23. because, disturbing a sea turtle nest is a violation of State and Federal laws.
    And common sense tells us- with nature, it’s always best to leave them undisturbed/unmolested if at all possible. Thinking you’re doing no harm is not the same as actually doing no harm.

  24. Not only that, they have to learn survival skills. Picking them up so early can interfere with this, as crazy as it sounds. This is a process that has evolved so the turtles can survive. It’s not a matter of the mother caring at all. Sea turtles are endangered–they need all the help they can get and that means not interfering with the processes by which they learn.

  25. Penny Schutt says:

    This was filmed in Brevard County and the humans filming it and following the turltes probably kept local sea gulls from feasting on the babies before they could reach water. Our county has the highest rate os sea turtle births and they happen quite frequently during the day. When in Melbourne, come visit :


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