Where Do You Want This, Lady?

You’re pulling us over here, then over there — c’mon, pick a spot already! Look at my partner, he’s so tired he has to sit down!



  1. That totally made my day! LMAO!

  2. lol, poor puppeh is confused! Why are you laughing at me???

  3. rustybicycle says:

    The pup, wisely, looks every so slightly reluctant to go out…

  4. I like when the real dog sits down.

  5. omg! i want to see that every day! how creative!

  6. That might be my favourite dog-as-biped costume.

  7. Rusty isn’t a Pug! Rusty is a beautiful Pekingese!

  8. LOL! That just is too funny. Best costume ever!