How to Talk to Your Child About Lizards

Your child’s first outbreak of lizards is likely to be a traumatic experience. What is happening to me? he or she will wonder. Will I stay like this? It’s important to reassure your child that lizards is a phase every child goes through, and that with proper facial care and some dead flies, lizards will go away on its own.

“As we had been vacationing at the resort, I can’t quite decide who visited whom,” says Ingrid H.



  1. Can you imagine the story that the poor Lil Lizard had to tell HIS mom when he got home?? “Mom MOOOOM you’ll never guess what happened to me today!!!”

  2. That child does not look especially thrilled with this situation. I know whether to laugh or feel sorry for the kid.

  3. Clearalizz makes a good product for that.

  4. On the first morning of my honeymoon, i pulled back the curtains and something tiny fell and landed on my head. The weight felt like a spider. I understandably freaked out. I shook my hair out and he landed on my thigh. His liiiittle suction cup fingers stuck to my skin. And he is SO lucky he was a cute little gecko and not a spider, or he would have been smoosh.

  5. I love his expression! Poor kid doesn’t know what to make of it! 😀