Clash of the Titans!

Er, Clash of the timid, tame, timorous, tippytoesing Titans.
Maybe the bull is getting bored.

Wendy M. alerted us to this sheep teaching a young bull head butting.



  1. Amazing!


  3. I don’t think there’s any teaching going on. The sheep (or ram?) is letting the bull know that this stretch of grass is his territory.

  4. Here I come………………and………..BOOP!

  5. If that ain’t the damnedest thing I ever saw, I’ll eat a cricket. A Pacifist ram; how ’bout that?

  6. Ferdinand just wants to smell the flowers! Did anyone else hear “shEEpshEEpshEEp” when he was backing up? Just me? It has been a long day…

  7. The backstepping of that sheep is redonk! It’s like some weird farmyard ballet or sumpin’.

  8. Yea, he’s just pushing him out — he’s lucky the bull isn’t ornery. The sheep did make some territory gains!

  9. This is why I love sheepsies. If it was, indeed, a play for territory then this was the gentlest grab for land in the history of land grabs.

  10. I actually heard a stretchy rubber band sound.

    Also, yay for alliteration! 🙂

  11. John B Hodges says:

    I grew up on a “hobby farm”, we had three sheep, two ewes and a ram. The ram in the video clip I’ll bet is a young one, just figuring out for himself how to butt. We had a young ram once, he got to a certain age and started doing two things. One, he would back up, nodding his head, charge, and stop before hitting. Two, he would walk up, put his forehead against my knee, and PUSH. It took him about a week to put the two together.

  12. Yes! Ferdinand!

  13. Whatever is going on there, it is freakin’ adorable! But recalling some experiences with lambies, I think sheep are born knowing how to butt, where to butt, and are generally a whole lot less gentle than this. 😉

  14. But didn’t you have lambs? They butt constantly!

  15. OMG! That was exactly what I said!!! LOL

  16. Now that was just total bullsheep!

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Growing up I had a labrador who would get impatient when going down the stairs. He knew he wasn’t supposed to go around you and run down first, so he’d plant his head in your but and *push.* Almost murdered a couple cable guys that way.

  18. This was far more (farm-ore) fascinating than I anticipated! We are planning to retire within the next 5-7 years and want to get a tinier house on a bigger piece of land, and I want a lamb or a goat for my Pyrenees pups to “herd”. I really look forward to observing the ruminant/canine relationship as it blossoms.

  19. The sheep starts off at a great trot, then actually slows down before hitting – oh so gently – the bull.

  20. Word.

  21. “What are you doing, Wooly?”
    “I dunno – I was watching the cat do it yesterday, seemed to be fun. Don’t you like it?”
    “To be honest, doesn’t do anything for me. What’s with all the backing up and running and stopping mullarkey?”
    “Just seemed…well, seemed like the right thing to do. But now I think about it, it’s a bit silly.”
    “That’s ok. Here, there’s some lovely grass here. Have a nibble.”

  22. Sheep seems to re-think his strategy as he gets closer to the bull. Kinda like, “Oops, he’s sorta big and getting bigger . . .”

  23. Me too! 🙂

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    I had more than one reaction as I watched, first it reminded me of a couple of small children playing, let’s say “house”, who really don’t know what they’re doing. Then, an example the world could follow, “ram” starts to act like a bully, just stand still until he decides to just lean gently instead, or maybe it’s opposites attract and they fell in love…

  25. It does kind of suggest a Far Side cartoon

  26. For some reason, it reminded me of Jeremy Hillary Bo0b from Yellow Submarine.

  27. “I’mgonnagitchaI’mgonnagitchaI’mgonnagitchaI’mgonnagitcha!……well, maybe not”

  28. Silly peeps. They are playing. So adorable. That sheep could knock that cow down literally. They are that strong. Freetomato consider getting black belly Barbados sheep, they are quiet and gentle and a meat sheep so no sheering necessary

  29. Sheep so persistent in trying to engage the bull, but he is sooo dis-interested.

  30. Sheep are so adorable. They all have such distinct personalities. But, don’t we all?