THIS JUST IN: Saturday Nan The Chick Update!

Here’s the very latest video from Nan The Chick’s FB.

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Anyone with info is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    Go Nan! We are rooting for you, sweetie!!!

  2. Nan has an appointment with her vet on Monday. I’m sure he will tell me that she’s healing fine and will walk again soon.

  3. Just checking in before I go to bed. Now I can rest happy. 🙂

  4. Do bird legs heal faster than human legs? I’d have to have a splint on my leg a lot longer than that before *I* could put weight on it! Brave little bird. Bless those who are taking care of her. As for those who hurt her, it’s hard to know what to wish. Death is too much (though it would protect the rest of us from them). I vote that they be rolled naked in a large patch of poison ivy and then thrown into a large bed of cactus and allowed to crawl out. After that they are free to go.

  5. How could anyone object to such creativity?

  6. yes birds heal pretty fast, especially when young.

  7. SoCratesX53 says:

    Have them order baby birdie physical therapy to strengthen up that little leg! LOL Awesome job guys!! The world needs more peeps like you 🙂

  8. That’s amazingly fast. I had no idea. Those little bones are tiny, though. Little Nan is a fighter, that’s for sure. I’m glad she’s on the road to recovery.

  9. Bird’s bones are hollow so healing takes a lot less time than on a human or another animals. Nan being a baby, and growing at a very fast pace, her bones healed a lot quicker than most birds I have at Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue. Adult birds take a bit longer. ;;;

  10. I hope the boys who did this to her get the help they so clearly need, and somehow are prevented from ever doing anything like this again.

  11. I second that, Michael, that those jerks “be rolled naked in a large patch of poison ivy and then thrown into a large bed of cactus and allowed to crawl out. After that they are free to go.”

    The only thing I would add would those jerks have the cactus needles pulled out using wax strips which I saw on a show called “Untold Stories: Life In The ER” where the doctor had to use wax strips to remove cactus needles from this man (no clothes on) who somehow wound up in a cactus patch.

  12. OOh OOH OOH, then they’d have to be featured on “Untold Stories: Life in the ER!”

    And after that? “Real Duck Stars of Beverly Hills!”

  13. Mingus's Mom says:

    Looks like she’s still favoring that one leg a bit; but her healing is brilliant! She’s so precious!!!!! Yay, Nan!

  14. Mingus's Mom says:

    You’re doing such great work. It’s so great to see her doing so well!

  15. Mingus's Mom says:

    NICE. I’m nowhere near as creative; my revenge fantasies (regarding animal abusers) usually involves five minutes in a locked room with a blunt object.