THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Sees Double…

…in the latest installment titled “Mirror Mirror.”



  1. I love Simon’s cat no matter what he does, but :56 just slayed me!

  2. LOL when he looks at his rear end.

  3. Lol… the dramatic over-reacting is so spot-on! I frequently say things like, Oh for cryin’ out loud, it’s only the doorbell, or It’s only a car in the neighbor’s driveway…

  4. So true, ceejoe! When my neighbors take in their garbage cans from the street, my kittehs FREAK OUT. They are so goofy…

  5. Clairdelune says:

    My kitteh freaks out when I tear out a piece of aluminum foil. The tail doubles in size and she streaks out in a blur.

  6. HUGH GO, Hugh (aka Simon’s Cat!!!) !!!!

  7. Cats are above all things…dramatists…

  8. 😆 Yep 😆

  9. haha, yeah, I love the bit when he´s checking out his own bum. 😉