Photo Assignment Day 5: ZZZZZ – Let’s Take A Look!

We’ve gotten a lot of submissions for Photo Assignment Day 5: ZZZZZ! Here are a select few, and thanks to all who have sent ’em in! We’ll have more over the weekend, too.

“This is my Penelope Pickles. I’m sending along her pics. She is, like her Mama, incredibly awkward.” -Melissa D.S.


“Mouser the XCOR hangar cat, asleep in a rocket engine test stand.” -Aleta J.


“This is Rocky and his fish. Rocky’s 12 now and in my film days I have a photo with him and his fish but then the fish was MUCH bigger then my sweet little kitten.” -Sue H.


“Here are some photos of my Cairn terrier buddy Watson! He lives in Paris, France, he’s 5 months old and is a great companion! He’s a little furball clown.” -Amélie T.


“Sherman loves konking out on the tarp in the backyard, especially when it’s warm outside.” -TBH.


The very relaxed Penelope, from Diana P.






  1. Hedgies and racks?! Now I’ve seen it all.

  2. Smartypants says:

    Yes! And the cat on the rocket sled – CO sender-inners have outdone themselves!

  3. My name is actually Melissa De Sa, but I’ll take it!!! Thanks CO!!!

  4. Thanks CO!! Penelope was super excited to be featured!!!

  5. well, we usually credit First Name, Last Initial- would you like me to change it?

  6. 😯 How did you manager to lay still with your dear sweet little hedgehog, Penelope, in your shirt like that, Melissa 😯

  7. Oh, I so want to snorgle those kitties’ bellies 😀

  8. Smiling ear to ear.

  9. Watson the cairn terrier is a most excellent sun bather. Très chic!

  10. Oh yes, if you could thank you!!!

    My last name is De Sa so D.S. is great!

    I appreciate you getting back to me and posting us in the first place!!

  11. You get used to quills! 😀

  12. This is a fabulous collection of photos. Thank you!

  13. The little sun worshipper just cracks me up but my heart belongs to the puppeh sucking on his foots. 🙂

  14. 😯 I don’t think I could 😯 You are a much braver girl than me, Melissa 😯

  15. done! thanks for taking the time to send in!

  16. Oh, I don’t know! Sometimes cute faces resolve all worry!!!

  17. YAY!

  18. thanks! he’s the best cairn terrier ever!

  19. ha ha ha ha! he was sooooo happy like this and stayed there for a while! he didn’t feel like moving at all!

  20. Thanks CO! for posting the picture!!!!