Friday Haiku: Constantine And Cordelia

O caterpillar
Your name has four syllables
Tough to Haiku



“As I was contemplating the wilderness of weeds in my garden, I saw these two chubby caterpillars chowing down. I named them Constantine and Cordelia. They are so pleasingly plump with little round feets, and I can almost hear the nomming as they gleefully stuff themselves. They’ll be Eastern Black Swallowtail butterflies when they’re all grown up.” -Mari.



  1. They are adorable!! And what terrific pictures and charming description.

  2. thanks for the pics. and the get more info. here link 🙂

  3. Metamorphosis,
    Transforms a stripey ‘pillar,
    Into butterfly.

    Eat now, then cocoon,
    My coming out party is,
    On the horizon.

  4. Fabulous photos, glorious creatures, brilliant Haiku’s!

  5. Greens are delicious,
    Butterfly I will soon be,
    Sorry for damage.

  6. I wonder what kind of flutterbies they will be? We need an entomologist STAT!

  7. I love the Internet. They are Papilio Canadensis, and will turn into Canadian Tiger Swallowtails!

  8. Wrong- papilio polyxenes. Eastern Black Swallowtail.

    My smartphone is smarter than me 😦

  9. Swallowtail will be
    Emerging from his cocoon
    Flutterby fly by

  10. Dill, oh caterpill’
    Herbaceous transformer
    Swallow then high tail!!

    (We had these visit every year on my mom’s dill plants. We wouldn’t let any harm ome to them.)

  11. Gah! come to them. We’d “ohm” to them for sure.

  12. You can see Cordelia’s fuzzy leetle slipper feets. Prosh!

  13. I came here to ask why, if they are caterpillars of the same species, they don’t look more alike. Then I followed the link and read about “instars,” and learned that caterpillars go through five molts, and they don’t look anything like each other from one instar to the next. Fascinating. So I assume these two are different instars.

  14. They are beautiful and amazing.

  15. Can’t do better, not even going to try!!

  16. I plant dill just for these guys. Last year, there. We’re so many in the plants that if you sat still you could actually hear the creeping and munching. It was surreal.

  17. I plant Dill every year just for the catapillars/butterflys

  18. Parsley works great too. Ours is next to the milkweed, for the Monarchs.

  19. Smartypants says:

    Oh! Don’t you just want to tickle their little knees? And that chartreuse is my fave color. Great job, Mari! The link to the various life stages & care is really cool too.

  20. I’m feeling you, I wanna
    Get to know you so
    Let’s have ‘pilla talk

  21. Cordelia and
    Constantine together in
    Haiku? Not that hard!