Busy Schedule Today

I’ve got Mermaiding from 1 until 2, …

Then Cheshire Catting from 2 until 3, …

And then Princessing from 3 until 4!

After that I can clown around.

Hamster named David Bowie in seaside-resort style posings. Cute in the extreme.” -Antonia. “PS. I am looking at stuff on the interweb late at night because my cat brought me a slug as a present and now I am too freaked out to sleep.”


  1. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you!

  2. such…a…oh, what’s the word?

  3. Ham? :p

  4. This is so brilliant! And the hamster’s name is David Bowie at that! Haha. She totally needs to do a Ziggy Stardust one…

  5. I was rather thinking that those were probably the personas Bowie explored and discarded on his journey to Ziggy.

  6. Somebody loves their little McHammerson very much. :)

  7. These pictures are just wonderful. What an adorable and fashionable hammy.

    Although getting a slug for a present…eek! :)

  8. and somebody is doing some serious shopping on Amazon, unless they’re using all four sides of the same box …

  9. phred's mom says:

    And, there’s a top and a bottom,
    hence six, count ’em, six sides
    to use!

  10. Smartypants says:

    Too cute! I’ve seen the Princess one, but didn’t realize it was part of a series.

    Perhaps a ‘cowboy’ one next? Or old-style circus strongman w/barbells?

  11. So very clever and cute!

  12. hamster-mermaid….mermaid-hamster….mermster?

  13. If Hammy wants to learn more about Cheshire-Catting, tell him to give me a call…..! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  14. Hello- I’m David Bowie the hamster’s wardrobe mistress!
    It was one big Amazon box, and I used two sides of it as there was plenty of room for two pictures on each side. I did it because my five year old daughter (who is also Mr B’s owner) wanted to dress him up in doll’s clothes, but I didn’t think he’d appreciate that, so I suggested we try this instead as a happy compromise!
    Thanks for all of the positive comments- and I love the other dress-up ideas!

  15. princess guinea and ariel says:

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