CO New Orleans Peeps, The Humane Society Needs YOU

This story is tough to take..but we need to get it out there. The HS is looking for two male skateboarders who allegedly ran over this bebeh chicken on purpose, breaking both its legs. According to, “A witness saw the skateboarders run over the chick Sept. 2 near Independence and Marais Streets. The witness took the bird to Metairie Small Animal Clinic where the chick was treated for its injuries. The chick, named Nan, is now recovering at Kasia’s Ark Bird Rescue. Anyone with information is asked to call the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE.”




  1. People without heart need to be taken to the wood shed ..

    Poor little guy/gal .

  2. Poor Baby Chick. I hope she is up and peeping around soon.

  3. Got a ping into Kasia’s Rescue, will update post if any info provided. How can people do such a thing? I has a sad.

  4. Oh! Poor chick ;-(. But thank goodness, fellow CO’ers he/she was helped by good Samaritans!

  5. I second that, Doug!

  6. Poor sweetie. That’s how we ended up with our Abby. Two boys took her from her litter when she was just a couple weeks old and ran her over with their bike. Fortunately, only broke one leg. We adopted her from the vet where she was taken when she was about 8 weeks. Adorable pink cast 🙂 Social Services was called for the family of those boys, since a vet tech saw it happen.

    Of course she got arthritis in that knee as she got older, and the patella would luxate at the drop of a hat, but she had a good 12 years with us before cancer blindsided us all.

  7. Poor little Nan! A huge thank you to the witness who did the right thing, not only reporting the abusers but also getting this little one to folks who could help her. I hope those skateboarders are caught and punished accordingly–perhaps someone could drive a car over their legs on purpose.

    I am now off to make a small donation toward Nan’s care.


  9. That makes me so angry. I hope they find out who did this. That poor little baby. I hope she gets better soon. Oh if they find those guys please post their names and addresses.

  10. It’s good to see that good peeps were there to help your Abby, and she found a good home too!

  11. It’s good to know someone witnessed the event and didn’t just walk away. I’m sad the little chick had to go through such a trauma but heartened to know it is being cared for and loved. Although, look at that precious bird. Who could even think of hurting a tiny baby like that.

  12. I hate the sociopathic trash who could do such a cruel thing. Makes me depressed about the future of the human race sometimes.

  13. Poor little chicky D: Those who harm small animals have some serious issues and need help before it becomes an even bigger problem. You must be dead inside to think this is a “fun” thing to do. Kids that do this can be close to graduating to abducting small children and murdering them, it’s in the news a lot lately.

  14. I hope they get those *&$(&*# . Poor chicky.

  15. What brave skateboarders they are, taking on a small bird like that. They certainly showed who they are.

  16. twocityshibas says:

    Go get ’em NOLA Humane Society! (& throw the book at those little criminals!)

    Thank goodness the bebeh chick survived. Sending her/him healing thoughts and much gratitude to caregivers.

  17. *shakes head*, there is just plain evil in the world…..we have to stand up against this type of behavior!
    We had an incident here in NC this week involving a german sherperd mix that was dragged to death by 2 men (one of whom is 18years old – his mother has been charged with child abuse). Both men have been charged with animal cruelty and in NC we have a new law “Susie’s Law” that makes animal cruelty and abuse a class H FELONY. Thank goodness we have legislators who think these acts of violence deserve stronger punishment.
    If people will harm animals, they will certainly harm a human being. Just like children, pets and animals do not have a voice and we who love them have to stand up and protect them!
    I hope they catch these “punks” and punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

    Good luck little NAN!

  18. Is it mean of me to want to break the legs of the kids who did that to this poor little chick?

    Okay, I’m mean then.

  19. Lots of things, sadly. Animal abuse is one of the first steps of psychopathy. Hope they find these *holes and charge them.

  20. Hi, I’m Nan’s original rescuer and the person that got her to the vet to have her legs splinted. THANK YOU for caring about her. I have heard way too many people saying how “it’s just a chicken” and I can’t understand the callousness of ignoring suffering or immediately wanting to kill a creature because you place a low value on it’s life. Luckily for Nan (which stands for “Not a Nugget”) I do not deem some lives worth more or less than others and I’m glad that so many of you seem to feel the same way.

  21. ShazzaNorth says:

    Then I’m mean as well, David!!

  22. Not mean at all, David. If they can dish it out, they should be able to take it. I’d like to see you do it. And for the bleeding hearts who say “two wrongs don’t make a right” I say: so what? These vicious thugs need to be punished!!!!!! Let them see what a broken leg feels like.

  23. How about when Nan gets all big and full-size chickeny, we let her go on a bit of a pecking spree on them… wherever she chooses…

  24. I also am outraged, but am wondering if everyone else who is posting also doesn’t EAT chickens, who suffer a lot worse than broken legs on the way to your plate…

  25. Not what the story is about.

  26. What Brinke said.

  27. Sandi Halberstadt says:

    What I would love to do to those cretins isn’t printable. Had I witnessed that horrific act of cruelty it would have been one of the very few times in my life that I’d have wished I was “packing”. Would have blown their kneecaps off and left them while I took care of the baby chick. Glad this kind of story is few and far between on CO.

  28. 4leafclover says:

    That’s a totally fair point, Girl.

  29. I don’t know that I agree. People are saying break the legs of the kids…. and then go home and make chicken for dinner. I think if we are saying this isn’t something that is okay, we should always say it, not just when we aren’t hungry.

  30. I don’t know that I agree. People are saying break the legs of the kids…. and then go home and make chicken for dinner. I think if we are saying this isn’t something that is okay, we should always say it, not just when we aren’t hungry.

  31. I’ll refrain from using the language that the people who did this deserve, as such words shouldn’t be printed on this sweet site.

    Instead, I’ll say that I wish Nan a very speedy recovery, and I send much love and gratitude to the people who rescued her and are taking care of her.

  32. People who eat chicken aren’t generally doing it for the thrill of hurting an animal, which is what this story is about: a couple of punks who just thought it’d be fun to hurt something.

  33. I don’t think motives matter, to the chicken. The chicken is going to feel the same way, no matter what.

  34. The cruelty and senselessness of such an act enrages me to my very core. Personally, I wouldn’t stop at breaking their legs. But that’s just me. 😦

  35. Girl,

    As a fellow vegan, I understand your point. And I agree that the chickens people eat needlessly suffer since most of that meat comes from factory farms. But I think there is a difference between the two sad stories.

    These two boys maliciously hurt this poor creature just to be evil. No other intension. With meat, as inhumane as the practice often is, people think its for their survival/food (though as a vegan I obviously disagree about that … I certainly don’t need meat to survive). We don’t shed a tear when the lion kills the zebra… a lot of people have that attitude about their meat.

    Ultimately I find it hard to label one thing that I find wrong as more wrong than another, so I won’t do that. But I know that most of the meat-eaters who are commenting above are far better human beings than those two boys. So I think their expressed outrage is perfectly valid.

    I think it’s a good point to mull on though, I’m certainly mulling…

  36. I think the point people are trying to make is that *this* post is about *this* bird. It’s unhelpful to drag extraneous issues into the conversation. It doesn’t help find the little jerks who deliberately ran over the chick, apparently just for the pleasure of it.

    There are a lot of other inhumane things going on in the world. Do we need to drag them all in and discuss them here?

  37. Hear hear!

  38. !!!!

  39. I think motives definitely matter, or else you would be prepared to tell almost every one of us to our faces that we’re just as horrible as people who would intentionally hurt an animal for the only purpose of seeing it in pain. Many of us understand where our food comes from and try to eat more responsibly. It doesn’t mean we’re the ones aiming for birds and cats in the street.

  40. And to address the “to the chicken” part. I don’t think chickens have the capacity to understand the food industry and its role in it. Humans kill animals for food. Animals may feel fear or pain or any number of things and humans should be more responsible in treating animals well but ultimately the aim is still food and animals still don’t understand their role in the food industry.

  41. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I just asked my friend in Nawleans to look for these punks & asked him & his Jackabee (jack Russell/Beagle Mix) to kick them in their bums.

  42. Thanks Alissa!

  43. Spankings won’t help the soulless. Death is the only answer I see for those two maggots.

  44. NAN THE CHICK survived!
    NAN THE CHICK will thrive!
    NAN THE CHICK will find those boys, bring all her friends to their house, and have them all POOP IN THEIR BEDS!!!!

  45. “Not a nugget?!”

    SHUT UP!

  46. Me, too.

  47. I thanked you anonymously above, but now I can thank you personally, Elly! If this horrible thing had to happen, at least it happened when you were nearby to take action for Nan.

    I tried to find out how to donate toward Nan’s care, but I couldn’t find anything on Kasia’s facebook page and I couldn’t find a functional website. Any inside scoop on donating? Perhaps the New Orleans Humane Society would be a good beneficiary?

  48. 4leafclover says:

    Yay Elly!!

  49. Poor sweet baby 😦 This breaks my heart.

  50. Dear Elly,

    Your Samaritan nature has my utmost respect. Abusers of any animals/creatures have to be reported, caught and punished accordingly. Even the abusers may not be prosecuted by existing laws. But definitely and for sure, they will meet their due Karma.

    And to little NAN, get well soon chickee!!! God bless..

  51. Well said! It’s unfair to say that omnivores like me don’t have a right to feel outraged when people are outright cruel to animals for “fun”, thanks for not lumping us together with those 2 awful boys just because we like a good steak now and then 🙂

  52. I’ll just take a big swig from my beer stein and add Girl to the ’nuff drinking game list I’m compiling.

  53. Thank you Elly, for rescuing that baby! Kisses to the leetle beak *smooch*
    I know I am not alone in being incredibly disturbed by incidents of animal abuse, and I feel sick thinking about this incident. Wish my state would copy NY and make it a felony. As for the budding sociopaths, kids have to be _taught_ empathy from the time they are small; by the time they’re teens the d*e has been cast.

  54. Best name evah! 🙂

  55. Children are sociopaths. I read it in The Onion, so it must be true.

    So glad Nan is getting the care she needs.

  56. I KNOW!

  57. I know it’s wrong. I’m not advocating it.
    …but perhaps I could be that “someone” who drives a car over some legs.

  58. lots of people! Look at the egg and chicken industry!

  59. Haha! Love the name. Do you know if the chick’s future as a non-nugget is secure?

  60. I admire the restraint.

  61. lol

  62. I feel the same way, Casey. Just the thought of it brings the red mist down.

  63. Just think about the kind person who helped Nan and reported the thugs (polite version for public consumption) and get your faith back, Welshgrrl.

  64. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  65. Well then I guess that is supposed to explain the completely inappropriate post that is not cute or sad, but more of a call to violence.

    Stay classy, CO.

  66. Either you have empathy, or you don’t. I don’t believe it can be learned. As for those who don’t have it and act accordingly… there is plenty of room behind the shed.

    If it’s allowed to feed chickens meat in the States, then I wish someone serves Nan a big two-idiot-skateboarders-cake on her 1st birthday.

  67. phred's mom says:

    I agree. Also, as I used to tell my daughter
    when she was growing up, it’s okay to
    fantasize whatever when one gets
    angry, but it’s not okay to act it out.
    That said, where the heck are my car
    kays? *€¥%$?!&@!!!

  68. phred's mom says:

    Animal abuse in children so often is
    an indicator for future human abuse.

  69. phred's mom says:

    In the Mod Lounge for some
    arcane esoteric reason. Too
    early for the cocktails, but
    how about a macchiato and
    croissant, eh?

  70. phred's mom says:

    Moderator is in a mood
    today, I see. Got up on
    wrong side of web?

  71. Berg, I am happy to have helped and this is honestly a way of life for me so I’ll keep getting involved.

    In all honesty Nan does not need money. She is healing remarkably well. Her splints just came off and she is receiving physical therapy. It looks like she will walk again. She may not be graceful but she will be mobile and safe.

    However, if you would like to donate the best way to insure it all gets to Kasia and her bird rescue would be to make a payment into her account as “Kasia’s Bird Rescue” at West Esplanade Vet Clinic That is our BEST bird and exotics vet and where Kasia usually takes her rescues for treatment. You can also follow up on Nan here on her new facebook page Kasia just set that up last night because Nan has become so popular…stories of her have had it to the UK papers!

  72. Yes, Since my house contains way too many rescued and fostered cats and dogs for a chicken to live in peace and safety I asked my friend Kasia to take over her care and keeping. Kasia has a bird rescue with many other chickens and other birds, including many others with special needs.. She will be safe and loved forever. You can also follow up on Nan here on her new facebook page

  73. So you know, Girl and others, I am going on 30 years as a Vegetarian..I’ve been so since I was 16. Nan’s new mom is Pescatarian (I believe…I know she doesn’t eat mammals or birds).

    I do not advocate violence against violence but do understand the knee-jerk reaction to something we find horrific. I pity the kids that do things like this and pray that they lean true empathy and compassion before they are treated the way they have treated others. It’s likely they have lived most of their lives being treated poorly…how do we expect them to act? (keep in mind that abuse and neglect of children happens in all races and all social classes and comes in many many forms)

  74. 6rabbits (love the name as I’m a BIG house rabbit fan) It’s embarrassing how many times I kissed that beak, and fuzzy head and chest in those first few days.

  75. YAY for Elly!!!! It is heartening to see such goodness in the face of evil.
    ❤ ❤ ❤ Elly

    I think it is natural to want to break the legs of those morons. And certainly venting online about this is not unusual and seems to me an acceptable way to blow off steam. So regardless of what you eat, I respect all opinions, especially on CO which is a site of awesomeness and the COers are also awesome.

    It is my fervent hope that by posting this story on the interwebs that those who did this horrible act are caught. So I am glad CO posted it because you never know where help will come from.

    So to assuage frayed nerves (I also had a bad week at work…) I post the following link to the BEST doggeh in the world! This story hit the national news…it is the doggeh that alerted his hoomins (who were smart and heeded his behavior) to a nasty child care worker. And now doggeh is in training to be a service anipal!!!!!!

  76. I just want to put up Nan’s new facebook page for anyone wanting updates. Her own Page became necessary when she was featured here (the UK’s Daily Mail” even did a piece on this little New Orleans chicken!) Go through the pictures you will see the first, ugly sling I made her and her first vet visit when we splinted her legs. You can also follow up on Nan here on her new facebook page

  77. Hurray for Nan, Elly, and Kasia! All outstanding chicks! I hope people flock to Nan’s FB page…

  78. Um. Why was a baby chicken wandering around in the streets of NOLA?

    I am not trying to imply anything. Just wondering how that came to be.

  79. I wish all states had such sever penalties for animal abuse. Animals rely on us to take care of them and treat them with love, compassion, caring, and selflessness. To do harm against any animal no matter the reason (not even science) is not okay. Hopefully those two skateboarders are found and punished accordingly.

  80. Simpson O'Brien says:

    and I could help!

  81. Stressfactor says:

    It’s possible to buy humanely raised eggs and chickens. It is possible to raise chickens and harvest the eggs humanely. Also, my mother grew up on a farm and did, from time to time, kill some of their chickens for food. The difference is that those chickens were killed quickly and they were killed to provide sustenance. The people who did this did NOT intend the chick do die quickly, they did NOT kill it for sustenance. In point of fact, the chick was too small to yet even provide sustenance. So they tried to kill it just to kill it — which is disturbing.

  82. Some people are just MEAN and SICK. How cruel!!! Makes me steaming mad to hear things like this.

  83. Smartypants says:

    Elly, THANK YOU so much for your love and care of chickie! So glad to hear she is recovering well.

  84. When people are paying money to create suffering that is just as bad, while being outraged about only what other people are doing just because they aren’t seeing the suffering they themselves create? Maybe.

  85. Aye, O’Brien. That you could.

  86. Mingus's Mom says:

    Get well, precious critter.

    In other news, two skateboarders were found with their skateboards broken over their heads today….

  87. Serial killers in the making. Thank God this little baby was saved. Who knows what or who they will hurt next. 😦

  88. I hope they find and can take action against those boaders! How is the wee one? Can CO update us?

  89. As Brinke said. that’s not what THIS post is about.

    THIS post is about THIS bird. Stop trying to make it about your personal agenda.

  90. some people don’t deserve to live.

  91. For the record, it is not my ‘personal’ agenda. It really doesn’t affect me either way if you spend your money to hurt animals. It doesn’t hurt me, it only hurts the animals. That is your agenda.

  92. Yes indeed!!!! I “flocking” there now! 🙂

  93. I thought the same thing, but in NO you never know what you will see. In the “burbs” headed out of the city, you will find many chickens wandering around in peoples yards. These guys may have found the chick and decided to take it some where for “fun”.
    As I have read these posts, I see many wonderful,caring people and some who don’t quite get what this site is all about. I have become so “tender hearted” as I have gotten older that if this post were about a geiko or lizard being hurt or killed by 2 skateboarders, I would be still be upset. I saw a photo on MSN yesterday of the latest rocket launch in VA where there was a frog in one of NASA’s pictures. Sadly the frog died because of the launch….made me really sad ’cause that little guy didn’t have a clue he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    So we all need to put things in perspective and react appropriately.
    If we can make a difference in lives of animal or people , we must do so!

  94. Thanks, Elly! I’m so happy to hear and see that Nan is doing as well as she is. She’s a cute little girl.

  95. phred's mom says:

    keys!!!!!KEYS!!! Dagnabbit!

  96. While people are still committing terrible acts against animals, I think animal rights and animal welfare are bigger concerns now than ever before. Young boys tormenting animals was seen as good clean fun in previous centuries.

  97. and the remains of those skateboards were found shoved in those skateboarders’ *ahem* private areas.

  98. I have my Canadian Passport and Driver’s Licence and be more than happy to help out with the driving!

  99. Elly- D’awww. You kissed the lil beak!!!

    You have an incredibly kind and charitable attitude towards the vermin that did this. I wish I could just feel pity. But like the others, I want those beasts to suffer BADLY for this.

  100. Oh, Elly, I wanted to kiss the leetle floofy chest, too, but wanted to steer clear of the hurt legs!
    My buns so dominate my life that I had to honor them with my screen name. 🙂

  101. As far as Nan wandering the street…”Feral Chickens” are very common in New Orleans. It is a sad result of many people’s misguided attempts at urban homesteading. They get chickens for the eggs…after a short few years the chickens stop laying (or the humans simply get bored/fed-up with keeping chickens). They can’t bring themselves to kill them, clean them and eat them (as they say is their plan in the beginning) so they often just abandon then.As wrong as that whole scenario is from the get go the good news is that the chickens do fairly well on the streets for the most part. The weather is never too cold, there are plenty of bugs, berries and seeds available and shelter is everywhere.

  102. No, YOU stay classy!

  103. It makes sense if you are! I certainly am as well. It is just hard for me to read about the very serious violence people are saying should happen to two children, when they are responsible for the same violence, but block it out and call it different because they don’t see it. I am honestly not trying to be a jerk, but wishing people would open their eyes to their own actions. Also, saying you should be more violent to someone who is already violent isn’t going to solve any of the world’s problems.

    Thank you for saving this chick, and hopefully the warmth people are feeling towards Nan will help them feel that way towards all of our animals friends. Thank you!!