Catvengers Assemble!

Terrific artwork here from Jenny Parks, as seen on Mashable. You can buy these images on Jenny’s website, too. (Yes, Spiderman wasn’t in the Avengers movie, we know. Picky, picky.)











  1. Eric Hanneken says:

    I think every popular Marvel superhero has, at one time or another, been an Avenger in the comic books. Spider-Man included.

  2. Sasha's Mum says:

    Ok, Avengers Shmavengers, whatever, … check out her TARDIS cat, Doctor Mew, Purlock, Catniss, and Harry Pawter! Brilliant! Putting these on my Santa list right now!

  3. LOL…Downtown Tabby. These are all wonderful!

  4. Should ThorKitteh’s hammer be Meowlnir?

  5. Lol. Would Catspurr the friendly ghost be too lame here?

  6. Well, regardless, _he_ should certainly be a Norwegian Forest Cat…

  7. I may have met that Hulk cat at some point in my life… less green, though.

  8. Has anyone besides me ever read the Spacebread novels? Spacebread was her own time-traveling, space-traveling, swashbuckling superhero. She didn’t need to borrow a costume from some lame human-ish character. Anyway, these illustrations brought Spacebread to mind.

  9. But SpiderCat’s picture has been turned right side up…

  10. Or rather, upside down.

  11. absolutely

  12. Where’s Nick Furry?

  13. Oh, I so want to buy each one 😀 How much would each cost and could I send a U.S. Money Order? 😀

  14. We met this wonderful artist at the Chicago WizardCon. She is lovely and engaging, and we have many of her works.