Aw, Shucks

It was nothing, really. Lassie taught me ebberything I know, Timmy.

“Wet corgi in a life jacket! Tobia enjoyed his first 4th of July on the lake.” –Tobias the Corgi.



  1. I loves Corgis and those radar dish ears!

  2. (poooof!)…the sound of my head asploding… I wanna be a corgi puppy (life jacket optional).

  3. Tobias is too cute! I’ll jump in the water again so he can rescue me a second time!

  4. Want.

  5. They always remind me of Yoda. A furry non-green Yoda.

  6. The only thing cuter than a corgi puppeh is a wet corgi puppeh. Holy cow!!! 🙂

  7. This prosh puppeh has broken the cute-o-meter!

  8. In a pint-sized life jacket!!!!!