Puppehs. Pigs. Paradise.

Puppehs ‘N’ Pigs in the Bahamas. THIS is where you wanna go to get away from it all.

Video (and perfect header) from @CatCastell.



  1. A SAMMICH????????
    This is the most redonkulous qtenss ever!!

    Man, my work day is already awful…is it wrong to be so jealous of those adorable doggehs?

  2. A sandwich. Lol. That was really funny. 🙂

  3. girlychristina says:

    So cute! Your bichons are so cute and smiley! Did that pig just come out of nowhere??

  4. Can I be one of these guys in my next life, PLEASE???

  5. Beach Boys reference, people, Beach Boys reference!

  6. I am really stuck on the pig…do you know the pig? Or is he just the welcoming committee for the island behind him?

    I also love the seagull in the pig frame, Mr. Bread-Stealer. “Mine!”

  7. Nope I am too! I would love to be swimming in that crystal clear water…lovely.

  8. Dear Lord, why am I not THERE?!?! 🙂

  9. Cat del Valle Castellanos says:

    The pigs are part of the welcoming committee! You can read about them here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/10/pig-beach-bahamas_n_3573623.html

  10. Smartypants says:

    Saffron – hope your day improves!

  11. “I want to go to there” (Liz Lemon!)

  12. Pig Beach! Home of the swimming piggehs!!!!

  13. I think the majority of the planet would wish that! Dang!

  14. Saffron, if someone is NOT jealous of those doggehs, they should probably check for a pulse. 🙂

  15. Little Snorfer Girl? Piggy Sue? Wouldn’t it Be Nice if We Were Piggies???

    (not to mention the adorable white-woolly pups, and the crystalline water. Oh GAHH, take me there!)

  17. The Bahama piggehs! As seen previously right here on Cute Overload 🙂

  18. Deow Tig, Pig & Sparkeh:

    Tankyoo so MOISHE for sharing yer vacay. I felt like i was there wif yoo for a min.


  19. Please let it now be a hammie sammich.

  20. that’s *not*

  21. Aruba, Jamaica, oooh I wanna take ya..

  22. Is that millionaire with the boat single?

  23. OMG. The water is so clear! I thought they were in a swimming pool for a moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO GO TO THE BAHAMAS!

  24. Shoot! Jean thought of it first!

  25. That was so beautiful, it made me tear up! 🙂 Such happy HAPPY doggies. 😀

  26. Exactly what I was thinking…that would be just wrong.

  27. I agree…when dogs smile…just slays me.