On 9/11, Our Heroes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

We saw a special post from Milo earlier today- let’s take a look at a few other heroes worth noting.

Thanks Erin M. @ HooplaHa.



  1. I wish Cuteoverload would quit making me tear up at work .. ya buggers *winks*

  2. A few years ago I was very very ill in the hospital. When I couldn’t breath I kept telling my daughter and the nurses to please just let me die. Then one day two wonderful therapy dogs came to see me. They were mini Australian Shepherds. One climbed into bed with me. She stayed with me for a long time and let me pet her. From that moment on, I fought like a tiger to breath and stay alive. I am a cat person, and have never owned a dog, but I fell in love and that made me want to live.

  3. Cute Overload, you are killing me!


  5. CorduroyMilo says:

    Seems like someone is always chopping onions! *Sniff* Love all the animals. 🙂

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Yay!! To both you and the dogs. YAY!!

  7. Loved that.

    9 minutes well spent here too:

  8. I love all of you who put together this site and find us inspiring photos/videos like this one. please pass me a tissue…. *sniff*….

  9. Kudos to you for having the courage to fight and Dog bless those therapy pups for helping you find it!

  10. (Tears)
    Thank you for posting this. It’s wonderful and heart-rending.

    Story about the 9/11 dogs: After a point, there were no survivors to find, only bodies to recover. Every so often, the dog handlers would have to send live volunteers to hide in the wreckage, so the dogs could find someone alive– otherwise, the dogs became too despondent to function.

    GOOD dog!
    (More tears)

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  12. Sniffle.

  13. Yeah, the voiceover lady at the end – “Guaranteed to make you smile” – I’M NOT SMILING I’M CRYING AT MY DESK!!!

  14. NOPE. *sobs into keyboard*

  15. Athena's mom says:


    GREAT video. Neo-I had heard that about the S & R dogs. So sad. One of the other amazing things I heard was that the S & R dogs didn’t quit when there were no more survivors-they switched to recovering and alerting on bodies. Given that they were trained for live victims, it’s incredible that they made that switch of their own volition. They understood. Unbelievable, awesome animals.

  16. I am so glad those two therapy pups gave you the strength to fight, Sara 😀

  17. 😥 Brave dogs and their handlers should always be honoured 😥

  18. 😥 Saw it 😥

  19. I was watching a story last night of a survivor who let his dog ahead of him in the towers,the dog walked down the stairs,then walked back up to get him because he didnt want to leave his owner alone in the the towers.Made me cry all night…

  20. twocityshibas says:

    The video was enough of a tear jerker. Sara, your story made me burst into tears. I’m so glad that the love of those therapy dogs gave you strength to fight.

  21. 😥 I saw that, Trina 😥 The man was blind and the dog was his seeing eye dog, Roseland 😥 Roseland went back and led him out 😥 On the way down, firefighters would ask the man if he was okay and give Roseland pets before they passed by to go up to try and save people trapped 😥 The man said (not sure if I remember it right ) “it must of been the last bit of love those firefighters received” 😥

  22. sniff.