M.O.O.! – K.I.E.!

Who’s the leader of the Cute that’s made for you and me,
M.O.O.! – K.I.E.!, the M.I.G.H.-Teeeee!

“Hi. I’m Mookie the Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie). I was paralyzed for awhile earlier this summer, but it’s okay. Turns out, I’m pretty mighty!”

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Mookie’s Mom, Laurie A., tells us, “One night, four year old Mookster was walking a little funny, and by 4am it was clear something was wrong, so we took him to the emergency vet. They told us a degenerated disc had ruptured (a genetic condition), and was pressing into his spinal cord. By midday, his back legs and tail were paralyzed. They rushed him to surgery, but he was still paralyzed when we took him home a few long days later. They assured us that his chances of recovery were good. I did physical therapy every day for a month, moving his legs in little circles, and later, having him walk laps in the bathtub. The day he first wagged his tail (a few days after we brought him home) was such a happy day! Since then he has steadily gained his strength back. We are so happy for our little guy to be running around again!!”



  1. Oh my dear Mookie, you are indeed mighty! I am so happy for you and your family on your wonderful recovery.

  2. Mookie is my new hero! And so is his mom, for making sure her little guy got to enjoy a normal life again. I just love a happy ending!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Hooray Laurie!! You are an angel mama.

  4. Teresa in TN says:

    Mookie, your story brought tears to my eyes. You are a mighty dog, indeed! Kudos to Laurie for not giving up on him and going the extra mile to make sure he got better.
    This post made my day.

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Hip hip hooray for Mookie! You have a big heart and a mighty will! Bravos and hand clapping to you and your dedicated, loving mom. So glad your story has a happy ending.
    My little 9 month old adopted Min Pin has to go in for heart surgery in two weeks, so your story gives me hope and inspiration.

  6. MOOKIE is the best name, espesh if you’re a Mets fan. MOOOOOOOOOOKIE!

  7. Sabrina Rose, please keep us posted on how your pupper is doing. In the meantime, I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts. *hug*

  8. Mookie, you are indeed mighty and also mighty cute! Yay for happy endings…runon, Mookie, run on!

  9. Somebody seems to be chopping onions in here, which is weird because I am working from home today….

    Hooray for happy endings! I ❤ Mookie.

  10. What a wonderful story! Way to go Mookie! This reminds me of my cat, Dr.Acula. My little furball has heart disease, and last year she collapsed when a blood clot cut off circulation to one of her front legs. The ER vet said she would likely never recover, and if amputation was necessary she ought to be put down instead because of the complications from heart disease. He sent us home with pain medication and advised I watch her carefully over the next week. Well, my normally feisty cat laid around being very pathetic for days, and I decided to try massaging the affected leg. The day the leg started to feel warmer and then when she started moving it a little bit were joyous occasions in our house! She continued to get stronger, and now a year later, despite the added set back of intestinal cancer, she runs around and plays just like a kitten. She’s 13 and still going strong (with lots of meds and wonderful vet care)! Our furry companions are fighters!

  11. Smartypants says:

    Claire, that is terrific! Congrats to you and your vet (and awesome kitteh name too).

  12. Wow, waterworks here…….awesome stories…….so much love! Such great vets, owners and critters!!
    Go Mookie and go Dr. Acula……animals are SO amazing! God bless ’em

  13. Mookie (and Laurie) you made my day!!!!

  14. zooomies!

  15. You made me smile, Mookie! My best wishes for your continued health. Keep on running!

  16. good luck to you and your little pup, Sabrina

  17. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! You’ve made Mookie and my day. Best wishes to Claire’s cat Dr.Acula and Sabrina Rose’s Min Pin!

  18. “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the amazing Morkie, my hero! Such a sweet pup. You did it Morkie! I wish you many happy tail wagging, ball chasing, just being plain adorable moments! 🙂

  19. Sorry, I meant ” the Amazing Mookie” :/