I Love a Ball Game

It’s refreshing to sit back, relax, and watch people play fetch for a change.

Taken at “Pups in the Park” day at the Winston-Salem Dash baseball game by Erik Weasenforth.


  1. OMG….this is MY hometown! We Love our puppehs here!!!!
    CO rocks…..and this little guy is too cute :)

  2. You are so lucky elishab!

    When oh when will there be Fidos At Fenway?????

  3. Don’t they have some kind of Bark in the Park event there? I thought most of the MLB clubs have them now. The Mets have 2; they just had their second one of the season. I love it- it’s fun for everyone, even if you don’ t have a goggie. Of course it’s more fun if your team wins (muttermutter).

  4. phred's mom says:

    I feel your pain, Theresa.
    Boy, do I. The Phillies are

  5. You have the Phanatic, though. Nobody cantaje that away.

  6. Austin Starr says:

    Wow! My two most favorite things together – dogs and baseball. Thanks a million for posting. Now, if only the Yankees would make the playoffs.

  7. PS I met the most head-splodingly cute Cavalier King Charles spaniel yesterday on the subway! My heart melted all over the place. 8O

  8. The glasses! – look like he’s channeling “Uncle Duke.”


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