This Little Toebean Went to Market

This little toebean stayed home, This little toebean had gushy fudz, This little toebean had none, And this little toebean went wee wee wee will rock you!

“Toe bean, or not toe bean? That is the question. Miles is comfy on the couch next to me, and so are his toe beans.” -Kendra



  1. Whether tis toebler to recline on the couch all day, or suffer the…something…..

  2. Which one is “Roast Beef” .. hmm .. On second thought .. I’ll just have them all ..

  3. sabrina rose says:

    That’s one fine-looking footie!! (Dare I ask what “gushy fudz” means?)

  4. Stinky wet food that comes in a can. It’s gushy, and it’s fudz. It’s gushy fudz!

  5. I’m swooping in for a gentle boop on Mr. Milo’s marmie nose. And I may just nom them delicious looking toebeans while I’m in the neighborhood…

  6. I like to tickle the little cat toes, though I have yet to find a kitteh who likes it.

  7. I think the toebean song goes “We will, we will nom you!” 🙂

  8. MARMIEEEEE!!! Oh, that just lifted my (formerly down) spirits at the end of a long day! Miles looks very much like my Jack, who is waiting for me at home. So I will leave you with these words: Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.

  9. Yummy toe beans!!!

  10. Oh, I am allergic to cats (boo), but if I were not I would so very much love to have an orange Miles! “I can see for Miles…and Miles…and Miles…and Miles…and Miles!”

  11. “Every home should have an orange cat, and every orange cat should have a home.” It would be very hard to argue with that point.

  12. 🙂

  13. I second that, Juno 😀 I also will add “black, white, grey, tabby, etc.” kitties should have a home and every home have a “black, white, grey, tabby, etc.” kitty or two or more 😀