Just Out For A Leisurely Stroll

And that just happened.



  1. “So me and Marge were camping in Yellowstone, she told me to fetch some water so she could wash the breakfast dishes. I came back with one of these. Wow, she wasn’t happy – she said “Herb! You never listen to a word I say – I told you to fetch a BASIN!” “

  2. best facial expressions. ever!

  3. On whatever passes as Facebook for Bisons, a similar thing was posted on there: “I was just out taking a stroll when I came across these two hairless apes making funny faces. Best thing to do in this situation is to ignore them.”

  4. Bison was coming back from a rejected attempt to join the mall walkers that morning.

  5. januaryfarmer says:

    Most excellent! Sound was wonderful!

  6. 4leafclover says:

    I love his furry vest and mukluks!

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:


  8. Most excellent, Tony James!

  9. I second that. 🙂

  10. Kudos to them for standing back. If all humans were as sensible…

  11. I third that!!! Hilarious!

  12. sensible ones would have taken the opportunity to get behind a tree. they were just being polite because the bison had the right of way.

  13. This human infestation of my land is really getting under my fur. But they do build nice walking paths and have yummy picnic baskets. Wanna see me make them scream and run off into the poison ivy patch?

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, that cracked me up!!

  15. fleurdamour says:

    Nice privacy tail

  16. Given the circumstances, I’m not sure that there could be any other facial expressions! Isn’t it beautiful when people allow the world to turn and are respectful — Then stuff like this has room to happen.

  17. Jenny Islander says:

    Yeah, I was waiting for the Stupid Tourist Moment where they try to pet a wild animal with sharp hooves and horns and about half a ton of muscle more than the two of them combined. But the whole “Mornin’ . . . ‘bye now” was hilarious.

  18. Stressfactor says:

    Having visited Yellowstone in the past, a lot of the non-carnivorous animals there are kind of used to lookey-loos. In general, as long as you don’t get too close, keep quiet, and don’t make any threatening gestures, they’ll ignore you. I’ve got a lot of photos of Yellowstone bison.

  19. best part of the video!

  20. Is there such thing as “I fourth that”?

  21. Reminds me of camping on Catalina island where there’s a pretty large bison population, thanks to a movie that got filmed there at some point. A whole herd will just wander through your campsite without any regard for the people. One morning, a couple of men were sleeping out on the beach next to our campsite where they had opted to sleep under the stars the night before when the herd came walking by — the campers stood very still, holding their sleeping bags up around them, as the beasties (along with some boar) wandered by within arm’s reach.

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, well played!

  23. He’s singing the Bison Street Blues. (With a shaggy-headed nod to Tony James for the bison/basin riff.)

  24. Yeah, Yellowstone is an awesome destination to see some pretty amazing wild animals. We had a bison cross the road (why? I don’t know) while we were driving into Yellowstone. Guess he just wanted a short cut and didn’t mind all the cars and buses.

  25. I second that! I _really_ needed a good laugh this evening!

  26. Win!

  27. It’s always fun to see wildlife at almost any national park; they don’t care about coming close to people and you can get amazing photos and videos. I still remember my first experiences with squirrels at Yosemite and chipmunks at Crater Lake.

  28. New balls, please.

  29. awesomeness!!!

  30. LOLOLOL Love it!

  31. Word! On all counts.

  32. I don’t care if it’s in a National Park, I’d be behind a tree. Just in case Mr Bison decides he’s not happy with my cologne or something. Because why take the risk??

    I do love the long look at the camera, though, that was Awesome Sauce.

  33. Somewhere in my parent’s house is a picture of my butt being sniffed by a deer at Yellowstone. They had learned that humans would feed them, so while I was focusing on the deer in front of me, the one behind was sneaking up to see what was going on.

  34. Years ago I was doing a long portage between two lakes in Ontario, carrying heavy packs, when I turned the corner and there was a huge moose standing there in the path. We always saw lots of moose on our canoe-camping trips but normally up to their necks in water eating lilypads or grass. Seeing a whole moose up close was a big surprise! I’m 6 ft. tall and he dwarfed me. I believe I just stood there a few moments, then gave the moose, the right of way.