Hang In There, Stubbs!

Stubbs The Cat is the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, and has held that title with distinction and dignity for 15 years. Been a tough time lately for Stubbs, though. The furry resident of Nagley’s General Store was attacked by a loose dog on August 31st, and is in serious condition. More here…and here’s how you can donate to help with his care.

Cute Overload spoke to Lauri Stec, Stubb’s Hoomin, on Friday afternoon. She said he is “Doing good, and he might be coming home this coming week. He’d have to be set up in a cage in the store for 2 months or so, so he could still socialize. Probably 6-8 weeks before he is back to walking around the store.”

Kudos to Cuteporter Karen R.



  1. Dog must have voted for the other guy .. Meanie

    Get well Mayor!!

  2. I think we could use more politicians like Stubbs. I’m gonna make a donation because his “campaign” is one I can really support. Bless you, Stubbular One.

  3. The paper said they have him slammed on pain kiollers and this is the worst part,from Stubbs perspective.If he heals,that will be good,because if he doesnt they will have to install metal plates,which doesnt sound pleasant.Good luck to Stubbs.

  4. D: Get well soon, Stubbs!

  5. I heard his campaign was purrrrfect … A Mouse in every pot, large windows with sunbeams .. the 9 lives .. err 9 yards !!

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    The doggie had better been taken out to the woodshed for a stern talking too.

  7. We’re all pulling for you, Stubbs! May your recovery be as fast and with as little pain as possible.

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Be tough, Mr. Mayor. You can do it. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  9. soft hugs to you

  10. Sharon Assel says:

    What happened to the dog that attacked him? Or more to the point, what happened to the dog’s owner?

  11. Hey all–

    I gave some money toward Stubbs’s vet bill, and now I get email updates about him. I got this one just before noon Pacific time on Monday:

    “As of Saturday Stubbs is still improving, but is now running a fever. They have him on antibiotics. Possible we will pick him up this week, but he needs confinement for 8 weeks to see if his sturnum will heal naturally.”

    So, it sounds like Stubbs can still use some funds, if you can spare it.

    Hang in there, Stubbs!

  12. I will try to give some money too. Poor Stubb’s. I am the proud human of a stub-tailed kitty and just think that they are precious. I hope he feels better really soon!

  13. I donated. Hang in there, Stubbs! We can’t have too many orangesicle kittehs. :3

  14. poor kitty …I hope everything will good 🙂 many kisses Mr. Stubbs:)

  15. Noooo! *wipes tears from eyes* Poor baby. I am sending all the healing vibes I can spare. Get well Stubbs…. *sniff*

  16. The Cute Overlord.

  17. I hope Stubbs will soon be well and waving from the Stubbsmobile, kissing babies, and discussing the town budget over martinis.

  18. Brenda Fletcher says:

    Get better Stubs and his owner! I know the owners pain. About a month ago my 15 year old cat was attacked by an animal (possible dog). It was at night and we didn’t see it happen, but Miss Ash limped away with several puncture wounds, a broken shoulder blade and a concussion (probably from being thrown around like a chew toy). Luckly, she made it through and is still recovering. The biggest issue is getting them to eat after something this horrible. They never want to eat even if they feel the smallest bit unwell. I pray for the best recovery for Stubs. Many hugs.

  19. Oh, Brenda, I am so sorry you and your beloved cat had to go through that. Prayers and hugs for continued healing.

  20. Excuse me–I would zap my comments above if I knew how. I’m thinking it’s not really the time to be flip. God bless Stubbs and I hope he pulls through.

  21. AWW 😥 Your poor kitty 😥 I hope and pray that your dear sweet kitty, Miss Ash, makes a full recovery, Brenda Fletcher 😥