Rattersons Moment of Derp-Derp

Relaxing at home after work when the realization dawns, “Did I leave my computer on at work? Did I leave Cute Overload’s page open?!” (makes Uh-Oh eyes)

“This is one of my pet rats, Rocco, enjoying a French fry. The derp is strong with this one.” -H. Due



  1. Wait, this is the scene where the Orkin guy comes to the house and starts laying traps! Get out of the house, Williard, now! Fly, you fools!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    I love Rocco’s sideways feet!

  3. He is adorable!!

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    OMG. I miss having ratties. Maybe it’s time to go rescue a couple more again. Kisses, Rocco. You are a handsome dumbo.

  5. “Oh, duh. My Mighty Mouse screensaver locks after 10 minutes.” Resumes nibbling.

  6. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    D’awww. Adorable picture! Also nice to see a pic from one of my fellow I ❤ My Pet Rats facebook group members. On here.

  7. Awwww, sweet derpitude. He’s so sweetly awkward.

  8. That must be a really good French fry.

  9. I love his little handses and his seashell earses. Such a cutie pie!! 🙂

  10. Me too!

  11. he looks as though he just stepped out from the pages of a children’s book.
    so cute 🙂

  12. Me three! And I also admire those long wheeskaires.

  13. THATS MY BABY! 😀 *proud mama moment!*

  14. It’s Ratatouille! But even cuter!

  15. Ears at 10 and 2 = cute
    Eyes at 10 and 2 = Derp
    New rule. Still cute though.

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