Privacy Paw (In The ‘Stan)

“Check this picture of Nowzad, the dog who launched the Nowzad charity – rescuing stray and abandoned dogs in Afghanistan. Excellent poise and textbook example of a ‘privacy paw’. These guys should do a ‘Marines & their rescued dogs’ calendar! Who doesn’t want that on their cubicle wall?” -Cuteporter Stephanie H.

(*We -think- this photo is from Afghanistan. Sure looks that way. “Either Afghanistan or somewhere really dusty,” opines Stephanie.)



  1. maybe dogestan

  2. fleurdamour says:

    Men who rescue the dogs of war are Men of CO indeed.

  3. fleurdamour says:


  4. weaselwardancer says:

    It is so nice that there are people willing to spend their time and money to bring these dogs to the US. However. There are 10,000+ stray and abandoned dogs in Detroit that could use some help. They may not have the media appeal like those dogs of war have but they still are in need.

  5. Well, the guys obviously have a relationship with these dogs (and cats) who become pets/companions/friends who help keep them sane in their daily life while they’re in Afghanistan or Iraq, so I could see how they wouldn’t want to leave these SPECIFIC dogs to return to a life on the streets when they leave.

  6. Why oh why hasn’t that calendar happened yet??? Is it because we’re waiting until there are enough pics for a daily calendar? Because we certainly have 12 pics, probably 52 for a weekly too. 🙂

  7. STUPID WAR. This picture really melts my heart. We’re rooting for our Troops!

  8. phred's mom says:

    Yes, whether here or over there,
    the act of rescue is the point, the
    goal. These men are, in effect,
    reciprocating the help the animals
    have given them. For the win-win.

  9. phred's mom says:

    Is the delay due to having to get a
    model release from each one?
    Good grief! Let’s get it printed already!!

  10. phred's mom says:

    Besides, dogs are lower class
    citizens there.

  11. Any time an animal is rescued, it’s a good and glorious thing. I’m sure it helps with their emotional healing if a soldier can bring home the furry friend who kept him safe and sane.

  12. Amen to the calendar! Cute Marines (or any branch of the service would do) and cute dogs (or cats)-definitely a double winner in my book!

  13. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’ve read about guys who had to leave their afghan dogfriends, gotten home, and found out higher-ups pulled strings to bring the dog home too.

    I like how Afghanistan’s Standard Issues Browndog (SIB) looks different from the American Browndog. Like, I could tell this was Afghanistan even without the text (or the dust) just because that dog just looks Afghani.

  14. phred's mom says:

    Yes, there are regional differences among the
    “brown dogs” of the world. The ones in
    North Africa and Egypt looked almost
    yellow or golden. Very resourceful
    critters, they are. Have had to be,
    survival of the fittest, dontcha know.

  15. Sorry Terri .. I have to disagree .. I would perfer Army Gals for 2 reasons ..
    1) Marines are silly .. GO ARMY ! (Sorry .. I’m bias -West Point Wantabe many years ago)
    2) I’m a guy .. so a CO Guy calender won’t get my money .. (hehe)

  16. I would SO buy a calendar for myself one a few for friends 🙂 DO IT!

  17. I second that, slash 😀