Bunnies With Good Taste

Please, you first. After you! No you go first. Oh no, I insist. That’s very kind of you but, carats are too rich for my diet.

“This is my herd: from left to right: Frankie, Penny Lou, Zoe, Sammy Jo, and Stanley. The three lops are siblings. A group photo like this is exceedingly rare because Stanley tends to bully Frankie, and all of them think they own the world. I love Cute Overload!!!” -Sydney.



  1. They DO Own the World, pyrit !!!

    F’rinstance? Now that I’ve seen our furry overlords, I’ve melted into a big puddle of goo on the floor in my apt.

  2. also while this item begins as a Donald Duck place, it INTROs two extraordinarily polite gophers ….who might resemble pyrit’s headline…. (note: this is the whole feature cartoon, 6 min or so, not a snippet)

  3. Hey Firdie!

  4. Bonjour, Mlle. la Birfle! Long time no see. Gladdaseeya!

  5. HIYA folks!!! The lure of the Floof is Verreh Verreh Strong indeed!!! good to see the CO wunderkind !!! Alas, the most-significant news I have is that recently I purchased a Spiffy New Chair (easy-chair sort) for the living room of my apt. A moi, that’s a rather “frivolous” purchase (mainly bc it’s in pretty fabric).

    OH WAIT that’s not actually accurate. What I’ve WRITTEN Above is accurate however I’m remembering that there has been some recent semi-drama here in the apt building .

    The mgmt company of the bldg, which is different from the OWNING co o the building ….recently fired the lady who was the front office main manager here since four years ago. She’s having an Unpleasant Summer. Not only was it a job termination, immediately effective; part of her compensations with the job, included the apt where she had lived (I don’t know wh. it was free or reduced rent). They told her she could stay living in the apt if she wanted but she moved out of the bldg last weekend. Any inference that I’m in charge of the building and had her fired is pure imagination.

  6. I’m SO digging the name Penny Lou. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I smile about that.

  7. Sounds like a soap opera. Let’s give it name! How about, As the Apartments Sink into Sink Holes.

    Hmmmmmmm. That’s no good. That actually really sucks. I’ll bet some Hollywood exec could think of something.

    Maybe, Alligators and Pet Doors. (da-dah-duuuuuuhhh)

    Okay. I’m not good at this.

  8. Fird!
    Don’t try to fight the Lure of the Floof.
    And also, we’ve missed you.

  9. *waves at Vanessa*

  10. QoD: so far I had tried The Old and the Restless (since the majority of residents here — not me tho — are supposed to be of the “je ne sais quoi” age range) …..

  11. I’m not sure if the typo is intentional, but I definitely agree – carats are too right for my wallet!

    Carrots, however, are always welcome. 😉

  12. Carats are too *expensive* for my wallet. I blame the fact that I am at work on a Sunday. With no end in sight.

  13. phred's mom says:

    Yeah, where ya been, Firdie?

  14. phred's mom says:

    Major bummer indeed.

  15. Hey QUEENIE!

  16. This is as near as I can get to phred’s mom’s comment.

    I’ve been just kinda hangin-ten here in Jax this summer. Here in my apt building
    there were a whole bunch of apt inspections the past two months. State of Fla
    business inspectors were here in our apt building a few weeks ago. The State
    inspectors audited both the paperwork/ leases AND inspected the apt units
    for 32 apts all on one day.

    Since all of THAT drama, I’ve been exhaling !!! 🙂

  17. That’s what I have–a HERD! But I am envious of the lops. All of my buns are straight ears now, and lops are who introduced me to our bunny overlords. *sigh*

  18. I originally didn’t want a lop – I thought they looked like puppies rather than bunnies.
    Then after 6 years with a lop, uppy-eared buns looked pointy and nervous to me.

  19. Lops are wonderful. Frankie and Stanley are extremely cuddly, and they will sit with me for hours without moving. They insist on sticking their little noses right under my chin.

  20. I once had a kindergartener insist that my mini-lop was a dog! 🙂