What’s So Funny, Guys?

Oh sure, we go “Squee” all the time when we see a cute animuhl, but let’s face facts:

The joke is on us.





Le Creditos~

1. Photo taken by Betsy P. at Living Treasure Animal Park in New Castle, PA.
2. Photo by Leslie P., and submitted by Holly B. of Vita.MN. Hover c/o Jokes 4 Us.com.
3. “Holly Haz A Happy.” Photo from Orla M.
4. Gus sticks his tongue out at the Oregon Zoo. Photo by Carli D.



  1. Happylifeaholic says:

    The donkey/mule/whatever the first one is – is the cutest 🙂 aaaaaaah

  2. The third one looks just like the dog I’m housesitting. She’s a very typical yellow lab–sweet, but daft.

  3. Pbbbthlthbthpblthhhh!

  4. Picture one: He/she needs to quit being an .. well .. you know .. hehe ..

  5. bob drummond says:

    laugh and the world laughs with you ……. 😉

  6. Cute….until I got to the seal! I had to jump back!! I would say that’s the ugliest tongue I have ever seen, but God doesn’t make ugly!!