A baby Musk Ox just a few weeks old.
Submitted by Amy H. Photograph by Randy K.



  1. This musk be the cutest ox I’ve ever seen!

  2. That’s the cutest thing!! He looks like he might be even smaller than moi! XOXO – Bacon

  3. Shoot. Now I want a baby musk ox. Last year I got a cat for Christmas. Think Santa is up for the challenge?

  4. What makes the musk ox guard his musk!?

  5. I so want to boop that tiny nose…

  6. I believe the correct term is “muskette.”

  7. If you were overrun with these things,would you need musk-squee-to repellant?

  8. If a trio of them ran over you, you might weep three muskette tears.

  9. Very cute! I wonder how big the mama musk ox is, in comparison?

  10. Something smells .. well .. musky ..

    I’m with Mary .. What’s the scale like .. he looks really small in the photo

  11. Maureen from Canada says:

    Grown musk ox are not that big – about 4 or 5 feet at the shoulders.

  12. Sooo wee and Prosh I have no words.

  13. omg oh squeee oh dear oh my oh me

  14. The fuzzy legs!

  15. What a cutie! The body parts somehow do not look proportional to each other…

  16. Here is mom (looking awesome) and baby:

    So if the mom is, say 4 feet at the shoulder, the little one would be 1.5 ft or so high. Awwwn.

  17. Courage!

  18. *shrieks* SO CUTE WANT IT!!!

  19. Wonder where the fuzzy legs are taking the leetle ox? It seems to be marching…

  20. Musk ox bebehs are very small. Like cocker spaniel sized, or small female golden retriever sized.

  21. OOPS! I’m in the Mod Lounge! I’ve got my blender, though, so I’m making up some frozen peach bellinis and I’m gonna circulate a tray of hot appetizers as soon as the timer goes off on the oven in here…… Anyone to join me?

  22. Looks like he’s wearing Uggs boots.

  23. The baby is certainly walking somewhere with a purpose, isn’t it? I am imagining little “clop clop clop” sounds as I look at the picture.

  24. Then you could listen to “Musk Ox Love” by Captain & Tenille!

  25. What a dainty, little prance.

  26. Musk oxen are raised in Alaska, for their wool which is really soft and cuddly. I have a ‘qiviut’ (TM for ‘musk ox wool’, from an Inuit word that originally also meant downy feathers) scarf I brought back from an Inside Passage cruise. It’s actually the undercoat, which is shed naturally in the spring, and in Alaska it’s either combed from the molting ox or gathered from things they’ve rubbed against.

    A herd of musk oxen will form a circle when threatened, with their wide, bony horns facing out and the calves or weak members protected in the center.

    The more you know…

  27. How on earth..? This thing looks like a speck next to the full grown beastie. I want heeemmm! ❤

  28. Do. want.

  29. Yumm! Let’s see if I can get in. I believe today’s password is: puppy

  30. bwwaa hhaa.. yep, that’s the password! 😀

  31. whawhawhatsis says:

    As a knitter, my first response was, “A baby qiviut!” 🙂 Seriously, it is just amazing yarn. Coming from amazing animals!

  32. Soooo Soooo cute! I want one too! 🙂

  33. I’m only 5 feet at the top of my head, therefore that is big! 🙂

  34. This is obvy the House musk ox size. Want heem!!

  35. The only word that comes to mind is “prosh!”

  36. Well, if we really want to know, we musk ox him.

  37. OMG, baby musk ox!!!!111!11!!!


  39. Prosh bebee, but the punsters have me cracking up!

  40. 4leafclover says:

    Yes, ditto that!

  41. Anne Bonney says:

    You said it – adorable!

  42. Stubbularity, I luvs it.