C.O. Crime Alert!

Police are on the lookout for Daisy McFloon, the so-called “Napping Bandit.” Authorities have released this composite sketch, which the suspect helpfully posed for.

Philip C. writes: “Our boxer-hound rescue Izzy can be very patient as a model. Also likes looking out the window. And pictures of herself.”



  1. How funny (and ridiculously adorbs) as usuall!!!

  2. Lovely drawing and lovely hounddog. I have a strong urge to give that doggie head scritches.

  3. I was thinking soft ear cronches….

  4. Why yes I’m the fairest one of all. So nice of you to ask.

  5. Now draw me like one of your French girls.

  6. The drawing reminds me of Hank’s dog, Ladybird.

  7. pretty dog she looks alot like my daisy that I used to have, she developed some severe hip dyplasia and I couldn’t afford the money for the surguries to fix it and eneded up putting her down,she was so bad she could hardly walk poor dog, she was part boxer and I was assuming some kind of hound too. she was a lighter more yellowish color they your daisy.