THIS JUST IN: It’s A Girl! (Updated!)

Panda-monium (I know it’s a cliché, but it fits, yo) at the National Zoo this morning, folks. According to the Zoo’s FB page, “Genetics confirmed that our panda cub is a girl! Further, the paternity analysis shows that her father is Tian Tian.”

Baby Panda

Another assist from Cuteporter Nicole, who is driving through Virginia while battling with Siri on her iPhone. (“Siri is not good with commands to attach videos.”) Washington Post photo sent in by Jennifer K.

PS- Check the Panda Cam here– but give it a minute, the whole world is watching.



  1. Thanks, as always, Brinke!! Seriously, how adorable is this little panda molecule?!? Her little saddle is starting to show so she is looking less like a naked mole rat and more like a panda every day. So cute. The naming ceremony will take place when she is 100 days old, and I’m sure the Zoo will give the adoring public a vote on her name in the coming days. Amazing species conservation work and bonus cuteness to boot!

  2. Please tell me that panda bear isn’t eating her baby.

  3. I know it looks like that but that panda bear isn’t eating her baby. She’s a very loving Momma.

  4. This is so lovely!

  5. Your AWWWWWWWWWW for the day!!!!

  6. Hmm. They needed a paternity test to determine who the father is. Was Maury Povich involved in this drama? Or Jerry Springer? :^o