THIS JUST IN: How To Hold A Bub

There’s a right way to do things…and a wrong way.

This is the right way.

More VideoBub™ here.



  1. I’ve heard of getting rubbed the wrong way .. I presume this is the right way ?

  2. What a little cutie! We have a brown tabby with white feet, and I must admit that I am partial to that flavor of kitteh. Bub’s human really treats him well!

  3. awwww bubb seems to like that alot, he is cute.

  4. Oh, what bliss! Love the sideways tongue and the eyes that squinch shut (isn’t that a word?). Looked bored for a moment, but then the neck rub and more bliss.

  5. Indeed, roberta4949 😀

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I had a roommate with a cat that would FLIP OUT if you held her wrong. She needed pills twice daily (the cat, not the rommate) and this would fall on me when the roommates went out of time. Much chasing and whargarbl.

  7. Your room mate became unstuck in time?

  8. Bub is a girl.

    This is also the way I hold my cat. I’ve heard that you aren’t supposed to hold a cat on its back like this, but my cat prefers this position. As my mom says, “The correct way to hold a cat is however the cat wants.”