Speckle Belleh!

Why does everybody say stripes and polka dots don’t go together? They’re fabulous!

“We had such a fun time being featured on CO last time we wanted to provide an update. Puddles now has over 1k likes on his Facebook page and got a haircut along the way. He has smelled many more butts than before and even walked down stairs for the first time!” -Marcos & Missy



  1. Puddles is a leetle doll! Cute legs, cute paws, cute leetle pink tongue that matches the pink polka-dotted belleh. I want to snorgle that warm leetle belleh. In fact, there’s a pink doggeh under all that fur.

  2. Can a tummy be booped by a puppy paw, like the nose of that other cutie from a few weeks ago? I think that looks like paw print speckles!

  3. Don’t let the seemingly benign name “Puddles” fool you. That speckled belleh could be positively dedly, so be careful. In fact, you should all just stand clear and let me in for a test snorgle. All in the name of science, you understand.

  4. I think this calls for a new Cute rule. Speckled bellies are cute!