R U Ready For Some Football?

It looks like this little guy is! First NFL game of the season is tonight at 8:30ET, Ravens @ Broncos! (sorry George, Vikes don’t play ’til Sunday.)




“Here are some photos of my 1-year-old French Bulldog, George Sempris Richards (AKA Ziggy.) Check out his profile on Dogster for more photos. He’s a big football fan. Go Vikings!” – Melanie B.



  1. Ziggy, you’re so happy and cute 🙂 love from Italy!

  2. I hereby pronounce Ziggy to be the smiliest dog in the whole history of the world.

  3. Ack, that face is just too cute!

  4. Smartypants says:

    What a handsome guy – that smile!

  5. What a happy fella! Makes my grin almost as wide as his just looking at him.

  6. French bulldogs always look so happy.

  7. Cute ! But a Vikings fan??? really .. … . . .


  8. Not this Sunday.

  9. Go Niners!

  10. i know dogs are generally unclothed, but after the other photos, looking at photo three makes me feel like he is uncomfortably naked (uncomfortable for me to look at, mostly) O_0

  11. I am NOT a sports fan but am a fan of adorable puppehs like George!

  12. sabrina rose says:

    What an adorable sweetheart of a dog!!! George makes everyone happy just by being himself. I bet there’s a line around the block waiting to hug him!

  13. Not to say that Ziggy is not superlatively smiley (and smoochably adorable), but submitted for your approval: RUPERT!

  14. Ziggy’s ready to tailgate!

  15. PS So what the heck got into Peyton last night? 😯

  16. Hope someone brings a spare tail for Ziggy.

  17. I despair over what he will do to the Patriots… 😦 Although Peyton is a class act so it is hard to not like him.

    Ziggy is the most smilingk-est doggeh evar. So sweet!!!