Cute Overload

Peacock Spiders! Wait. What?


[First of all, who knew these existed? Raise your hands. And don’t lie. -Ed]

I must admit, I was intrigued when I watched this video, which was sent in by Cuteporter Sarah H. But since “Spider” was the subject of the email, I felt I needed to consult with She Who Is The Higher Authority On Such Things. After all, traditionally:


They’re scary as h-e-double toothpicks. And this video is from Australia, where they’ll tackle anything without a second thought. (Say like Steve Irwin: Woo Hoo! Let’s arm wrassle this Great White! Wait- no arms! No worries- whatta BEAUTY!) (And I say that with deep respect for his memory.) So the verdict is:

I really like it’s little white gloves. Cute! -Meg

So if you would, do a lotta checking out of this mating dance deal here. Amazink!

Photo by your genial video host, Jürgen Otto.