Hmm, Wonder Who Ate All the Sushi?

And if you look very closely you can see it still swimming in those deep blue eyes!

“This is Abby, a handsome Snowshoe Siamese just adopted from Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue. Who could resist that mustache?” -Cynthia S.



  1. bob drummond says:

    my, my kitty ! what big blue eyes you have !!! OOOOH ! I just want to grab you and snuggle you !!! 😉

  2. That is a deliciously milky mustache!

  3. PS. I *heart* the word “snowshoe”. 🙂

  4. I nearly banged my face into my monitor trying to kiss that sweet little face 😀 I also want to do the same thing, bob drummond, in grabbing and snuggling that dear sweet little kitty 😀

  5. rescue gal says:

    Who drank all the meelks?

  6. That face could get ANYTHING out of me. What a gorgeous girl!! *thud*

  7. I’d spend my entire allowance on sushi for Addy. There’s something about meezers anyway, but snowshoe kitties are especially cuddly.

  8. Yay for resqte!!!!

  9. Abby auditioned for a “Got milk?” commercial but got turned down. They thought her innocent “Who me? No, I haven’t been in the milk” face sent the wrong message..

  10. She looks like Addie from Purrfict Pets!! Dark toe and all! 🙂

  11. Peg, I ‘like’ the FB pages of almost all of Foster Dad John’s kittens – and I was thinking the same thing about her paw!

  12. snow shoes are incredibly rare because of the right pattern of fur colors they have to have. this one is especially gorgeous because of the milky mustache!

  13. Carol wright says:

    Miss Abby is absolutely beautiful….so glad she found a home! Her new family is very lucky to have her !

  14. Does anyone else remember the book called “Mrs. Mike?” “His eyes were blue, so blue you could swim in them.”

  15. I can’t see it in her eyes yet, but I’ll keep looking.