The Amazing Kit-T-Sauna™!

Simply insert your kitty, close the flaps, and watch the pounds melt away as if by magic!


  1. The canine model was a failure because everyone knows you can’t Spot reduce.

  2. BWA HA HA! Good thing I drank my coffee before reading that comment, Oakley.

  3. you avoided an unfortunate spitz-take

  4. “My name was Large Round until I discovered the Kymaro Ki’teh Sauna. Now, with no dieting or exercise, I can finally fit into those fashionable skinny boxes. Stay tuned for valuable information on how you can get your own ki’teh sauna for just $49.99 – and order in the next 10 minutes and we’ll double your order absolutely free, just pay separate kitten and handling.”

  5. Killer Klown says:

    Love the tongue. It’s just like… the tongue of resignation.

    Whelp. That’s it then, isn’t it?

  6. The tongue and the little bit of side-eye to go with it!

  7. kitteh is part bloon animal, given the width of the hole in the box he is just sitting there chilling in

  8. The perfect box for Maru, affectionately known as “His Largeness” (or “His Lardness”)

  9. I’ve heard of the cat in the hat, but never a cat in a sauna .. (Box yes, but never sauna)

  10. Love watching this over and over and over…….

  11. All I have is a picture, but no video, Rooanne :) I will have to take your word for it :)


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