Hooray 4 National Wildlife Day (And Someone Needs A Bath)

National Wildlife Day happens every September 4th, to raise awareness for endangered species around the world- like this knucklehead who is gonna GET IT from Mom when he gets back home.

Seen on the SDZoo Tumblr : Photo of Xiao Liwu by Rita Petita.



  1. Come here, bebeh, and I’ll wash and cuddle you. Mom never needs to know.

  2. Well of -course- you needed to play in the puddle! That’s what they’re -there- for! Here, have a s’more and a hug!
    (Dunno why. He just looks like he would appreciate a s’more.)

  3. I would appreciate a smore. Smore is a fun word to say, too.

  4. Of course, now I want a s’more…and the panda’s cute….and mud is good. Yep, all is well with the world……..I still want a s’more…………….

  5. I’ll give you a hand with that, dgerish. That’s a lot of cub to scrub. : )

  6. Apparently mom Bai Yun was partly responsible for this, heh. Panda moms are so funny, playing with their cubbies!

  7. You gotta get the uniform dirty, Ma!
    Otherwise it’s like ypu’re not even in the game!

  8. I think the line should read: “……needs a baff…. 🙂