“Happy Goats Make Me Happy”

That’s what Cuteporter Kimberly K. had to say when she submitted this video clip. I think she’s onto something.

Original video post by Mary Ann J.



  1. I want to live in a land full of happy little goats and big red balls!

    Yoga balls. Perverts.

  2. Goats are so… inherently undignified.

    Gotta love em!

  3. This is my new favorite thing. And I don’t know why, anymore than that happy goat knows why that ball is it’s favorite thing.

  4. rocinrobin says:

    Jumping for Joy!

  5. How can goats and sheep be so closely related genetically and yet be so very far apart in personality? I luff me some silly goats. Sheep are so blaaah.

  6. Django Reinhardt music is perfect for frollicking goats!

  7. Switch this goat to de-caffeinated coffee – STAT!

  8. Happy goats have made more use of that yoga ball than I’ve made of mine!!

  9. Not sure if goat or puppeh…

  10. Djangoats! Djangoats!

  11. Love eet. Gypsy goats really know how to keep the bleat.

  12. I didnt know goats will play with toys, I used to have goats and never thought of giving them toys to play with, my pygmy goat loved to get on his hind end too like that when playing with you. they are adorable too.

  13. How cute! I’ve never seen such playful goats.

  14. the tail-swishiness!!!! and the hind-leg-standing-twirlingness!!!

  15. Whadda Great Goat!

  16. Hahahaha…this is just what my old drummer and I were like after being cooped up on a tour bus all day.

  17. What animals DON’T love balls?

  18. petless in Puddletown says:

    Goats are bonkers. Never trust anyone with horizontal pupils. That is all.

  19. Beth Patterson says:

    What a hoot! These wonderful goats made me laugh and laugh. I love goats…. 🙂

  20. The yoga ball! This is like the goat health club, where you can get yourself a Firm Butt.:P

  21. Why is only one goat playing with the ball? Is it a baaah-by (baby)? or younger goat than the others? Love love love its long ears!!

  22. Rixraxmarie says:

    I want to hug that goat.

  23. Horses actually have em too, they just aren’t visible because horses usually have dark-colored irises.